the army would not move me

I hope some one here can help, just wandering if i was given the correct advice.

I was selected for tranche 1 redundancy and was notified about it on Sep 1st, on that same day i was given 4 weeks notice on my private hiring, i asked my clerk if the army would move pay to move me into a quarter for my last 5 months, i also informed them that under the rules of redundancy i was also applying for a final tour of duty move, at the end of my 5 months, she informed me that because i had been selected for redundancy i would only be entitled to one paid move in my last 6 months so either i had to pay for one move or my family had to move to the place i was to settle 5 months before me, meaning that we would be apart for 5 months, quite harsh as i had just returned from a herrick tour, was this advice correct?
it was worded that way in the redundancy din, it was a way of getting your final move paid for, they classed it as a FTOD as there was nothing else in place. Basically you had to apply within 6 weeks of redundancy notification (you could choose the date you moved, so people normally chose 5 months down the line)..

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Some of us would think that 5 months without the family something of a blessing...
Yes quite correct.

On your assignment for FTOD you and your family believe it or not can be offered singlie accom as a stop gap whislt waiting for suitable SFA.

Failing that why not accept the FTOD to the area not required but then get your stuff delivered to your house and serve unaccompanied, lets face it if its your last few months you are not going to be at work

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