The Army Wives Choir

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by AirborneRick, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. Dear All,

    I am intrigued, following express press coverage and advocation that the 'Army Wives Choir' (Not strictly true as their Husbands ID Cards state 'Royal Navy' on them) has been granted VAT relief, in the name of charitable donation, who is to be in receivership of the royalties from their, tipped to be, Christmas single!.

    Following weight of media coverage it set the cogs of thought into motion. I desperately hope that the Ladies involved, who form the tangible body of this credible, just, and right success will be imbued with the commercial 'interest' that emanates from the sales of this single and anything that is subsequently released under the auspices of their efforts!. I think that, sadly, Mr Malone will transpire to be the more fiscally happy of all parties involved!.

    Opinions and learned inside knowledge/rumours welcome on this topic.

    Happy Easter Campers.

  2. I think your asking who the money raised by the Military Wives Choir is going to...

    SSAFA and The RBL
  3. Do you have a head injury?
  4. I would shag em all....well not the one with tatts!
  5. Ooh goody, another Military Wives thread.

  6. Has your Editor given you clearance to post on here?
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  7. Charity gets VAT relief...

    What's the problem numbnuts?
  8. What is your agenda?
  9. Are you gay? She is the primary target for this call sign!!
  10. Even the one from 29 Commando Regiment RA? ********.
  11. And anyway, they were collectively known as the Military Wives Choir the last time I checked.
  12. Back of the line tom. some of us have been here all xmas waiting for twosies-threesies.
  13. I would!
  14. Are you the baldy one from The Soldiers?
  15. Beat me to it.

    But you forgot to add ****!!!