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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Proximo, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Folks,

    We have decided that we need to present on this subject as well, really to place everything in context.

    So, what do the Army do really well? What are we sh!t at? Is all the talk about being a 'people organisation' just that - talk? CGS has said that 'SO2s are the Army's vital ground' - is that so? Do you feel that your careers are well managed, and if not, why?

    Usual drills as with the other thread. And could I ask the horde from e-Goat to keep adding value to the 'Army vs RAF' thread please as opposed to this one - it's all greatly appreciated!
  3. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    One huge systemic problem we have (and I do not know how mirrored this is in the other services) is that a senior officer in a command position has two years to 'make his name' and he has just arrived fresh back into his regt.

    The guys may be thrashed but sometimes there are those who will compete to be the army equivalent of the kid at school who always puts his hand up first. LAND needs a battalion to go on on ops again - well before harmony guidelines should allow it? "Me, sir, please, oh please choose my regiment" Keen as mustard can lead to welfare negative outcomes with subsequent manning problems.

    Another problem is the need to make one's mark in a staff job. Again, a need to be recognised within a short time window without the long term consequences being laid at your door can lead to an excess of enthusiasm over sense.
  4. We are good at being on ops, but bad at ensuring we are set for future ops. Retention, rehabilitation and work- life balance all out of kilter at present. As for So2 vital ground - if so, why allowing so many to bail out wihtout any form of strategy to hold vital ground? Maybe just key terrain?
  5. Absolutley crap at welfare and accomodation. Look at the RAF OR RN, we do the brunt of the work and the vast majority of us live in shoite when we get back to unit.
    We also screwed ourselves with pay 2000. We made it a communist system where virtually everyone is on high band now as retention measures to the detriment of those in pinch point trades with skills etc. Though those with skills and trades wonder wheres the reward for applying yourself?
  6. Worst thing:Short term memory loss we learn from mistakes then make them again and again and again.

    Best thing: Guys are cold/hot, wet/sweaty been up for hours not been fed ran out of fags, no booze but still see the funny side of anything.
  7. Career management? What is that? Oh wait, is that the system where a bloke who never sees the work you do and doesn't even understand your job writes your reports for you? I may only be knee high to a grasshopper in years served but even I can see the bs of this system.
  8. Did he justify that remark?
  9. Matts and wips
    Where its more important to know that excessive alcohol/drugs is bad for you, That racism/sexism is wrong, But things like fitness or basic soldiering skill take a back seat because hey those things aren't very PC are they?
  10. What the army does well.

    Give a bunch of soldiers an impossible job and they will normally get it done (legally or otherwise)

    The welfare system for getting people back to dead or dying relatives cannot be compared to anything on civvie street whether its diverting flights to getting the rozzers to blue light a soldier down the motorway.
  11. I spotted a thread in the REME chunk discussing 4 years postings, whilst having their pitfalls in some trades I do see a soddin' great bonus in certain, very expensive areas.....To Wit. ANYTHING to do with manning a desk in ANY kit buying job......I strongly believe that projects, such as FRES, have suffered from too many revolving desks....Too much time is wasted on bringing up new faces to speed and keeping new faces pointing the same way....instead of haring off into unsustainable tangents. From a my view point, the old Job advert line "Hit the ground running" is mostly complete and utter bullocks, all that happens is you waste time running in the wrong direction.....
  12. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute.

    I am disappointed that we couldn't be more honest with ourselves. 1 page? The RAF thread raised 9 pages. Are we really that awesome? Answer: no. A cursory examination of the Continuous Attitude Survey will show that.

    Perhaps it's symptomatic of ARRSE being overrun with wannabes and civvies, I don't know. Oh, and 21 stone muscle-bound jailbirds.

    Thanks all the same.
  13. Maybe you should have posted in the NAAFI bar, That seems to be where all the real soldiers seems to hang out for some reason.
  14. Brilliant, just when I was having a sh1te morning, thanks stacker :D

    As already said, we do a fantastic job, wherever we go and whatever we are told to do.

    Retention, career mis-management, housing and looking after our injured are all very poor.
  15. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    The Army turns the spotlight on itself:

    The Good:

    1. The soldiers and junior officers are doing a fantastic job under very challenging circumstances.

    2. CR2, WR, Apache, AS90, UAVs and SA80A2 are battle winning equipments.

    3. The classic make do & mend, 'can do' attitude is still here and in force.

    4. There is more synergy between the Arms & Services now than ever before.

    5. We have a fine CGS at the moment, he is doing his best and is supported (in the main) by the Army - that is leadership.

    The Bad:

    1. No matter what anyone says, there is a retention issue. It is not criticial yet, but will be soon. This is forcing younger people, who are a little too inexperienced into jobs they are not ready for yet (but would be in one job's time) - they suffer whilst doing their best and get pi$$ed off - either they leave or are affected by the experience.

    2. We have got to get over the fact that old Regimental system as we know is evolving into a Battle-grouping style of Regiment. That is fine - if everyone wears the same cap badge and come from the same catchment area but has different roles that works. But it will present challenges to the years of history behind each Regiment that will defend themselves to the death (and rightly so even if it is inevitable).

    3. CVR(T), Gazelle, half of the enginneering fleet and FV 430 series are not battle winning equipment - but the boys do their best with it.

    4. WFM - it simply does not work and we will suffer in the long run for it.

    5. The pressure on COs to make their mark is so great now that the Regiments ultimately suffer as the CO is there for 2 years but the boys remain. Sprints can only be maintained for short periods. It is a brave man that takes the foot off the pedal to recuperate a Regiment rather than trying to get the operational tick in the box - because the current climate means that he has blown all hope of getting his Red Tabs.

    6. We cannot communicate with the Civil Service - although I don't think the Army has the monopoly on that!!

    7. Most importantly - the Army is tired, very tired indeed. The Operational tempo is punishing.

    7a. The boys could withstand it if our G1 was better. Housing, welfare, rehabilitation, support to our families (both married and parental ones), pay (in some areas - not all) and the pension scheme all need to be looked at again. The package was all about being paid a comparable ammount of pocket money to your peers with a good benefits package behind it.

    7b. The Covenant - is sacrosant - it is the single most influential bargaining chip we have with the boys. Promise that you will look after them and see it through - the Boys will be there, everytime. Let's sort out our own house so we can concentrate on operations.

    Proximo - PM me if you want more bile and invective!!

    Edited for typing mong and shpeelung mistooks!