The army shouldnt recruit from schools?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TOONarmySOLDIER, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. Hi there everyone, i am new here so please be gentle 8) lol

    I saw on the news a few weeks ago that the teachers union had voted against the army promoting itself at schools, because "it only shows the benefits". Well funnily enough this was the way i became interested in joining the army after 2 soldiers were handing out leaflets outside my 6th form, i got talking to them for about half an hour. Is true that they only said the good things about the army but any organisation that wants to attract employees isn't going to say "hey, join us and you might find yourself getting shot and dying!!! :D " lol a laughable argument. yeah that same day i went to the ACIO and endedup signing up for the BARB test (in which i got 74 which is pleasing) and that was about 5 weeks ago.
    so it was a spare of the moment thing but i have ended up growing to want to join the army even more over this time and have handed in the medical stuff and now im just concentrating on getting heavier and stronger ( put on approx. 10 pounds in the last month but still on th skinny side at 6"1 and 140 pounds :roll: )
    so now im just deciding on what job to do but im interested in the RE or Int corps/royal signals.
    your comments are very welcome, but i dont have to tell you that seeing as we're in a forum do i :lol:
  2. Good for you!
  3. Fair play F*U*C*K evryone else you have made a very good decision the army is the best social mobility tool ever invented and i challenge anyone to question otherwise im born to a poor social background and due to the education services offered by the army to me i have had the priviliage.( i do feel it a priviligen) of an application for a commission to command the best soldiers in the entire world and i feel inadequate to even say i would love too (if you dont feel like you would happily lay yourself on the alter for the men you serve dont consider the army) because even tho i am under the influence of alcohol i want the chance to be able to show my salt to the bravest people in the world god bless all those that have the testicles to swear an oath to the queen.
  4. Im sorry but ARMOURED the whole way treated much better
  5. and im ready for all the countless grammer and such like mesages im goin to get!
  6. what regt are you going into skivinstudent
  7. 2RTR if im lucky
  8. And yet on another thread you say you're going to the land of the long white cloud to join a foreign army cos of your parents etc.... Seems I wasted my time replying to your other post.
    Cheers for that.
  9. If the Army dont recruit at schools, kids will be denied a service.
    Youd like to think teachers would want to give kids the best education, advice and options in life, not deny them a great oportunity.
  10. I would of thought the possibility of getting shot was obvious anyway even to 6th form students. Then again, you can get shot walking your dog
  11. True. Besides, newspapers et al. do a rather good job of advertising the 'negative' aspects themselves so why should money be wasted on it when it's done for free.
  12. And by the way, are you SURE your 6'1 140lbs? Doesn't sound right to me mate I'm two inches taller than that and 56lbs heavier and I'm by no means fat at all. Surely a mistake?

    If you are 140lbs and want to put some 'meat' on dont scoff your face with burgers and chips like my mate did. It'll make you slow, fat and unhealthy. Get some pasta down your neck and jacket spuds etc, clean carbs.
  13. Yet another example of the society of today stripping kids of any such authority, depriving them of self-discipline in any way possible leading to them become just another statistic of "broken britain". I can't stand these ivory tower bureaucrats!! they've got their head so far up their own arse that that lump in their throat is actually their nose!!!!
  14. Agreed. Wish we still had grammar schools as well. My father went from a poor back ground through a grammar school and the military and is now doing very well for himself. The forces are the last social mobility tool that labour has left. Good luck with your sandurst application.
  15. It's grammar you cnut. I'm 15 and i know that!