The Army Rugby Union Challenge Cup - unfair competition??

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by wazzuck, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. Since last season the ARU have scrapped the Minor Units version of the competition.
    This, in my opinion has killed rugby for most small units as they have little(no chance!!) of winning any silverware anymore. The Minor Units version allowed the little guy to compete with like minded souls - units of little more than squadron strength can compete, but when they are up against full strength Regts/Bns there is usually no contest.
    I would like to see the Minor Unit competition re-instated - give the little guy a chance.
  2. That was one of the things him who no longer runs Army Rugby put in place to protect his stars. It is a pain in the arrse and as you say it has killed minor unit rugby.
    Then again if you are in Germany the bloke who is supposed to be running rugby has done a bloody good job of killing the game for units over here. Some thing along the lines of pimpernal - where the fcuk is he???
  3. There are several factors why army rugby (in Germany) is not thriving IMHO

    First and foremost, Operational tempo and the fact that we are all to busy (not the most valid IMHO, however, the most often used).

    The creation of the elite league, as opposed to the complete ‘knockout cup’ where the little units had a chance of shocking the ‘traditional’ big boys.

    The win at all costs mentality, to the extent that teams call ‘key players’ back from ops before they will fulfil an army cup tie and if the flight is delayed they will pull all manner of excuses to delay the tie.

    The (perceived) opinion that only Fijians play and UK (national) soldiers don’t get a look in.

    The elitist attitude (that may subside now that our head of rugby is no more) that is only concerned with the very best and can’t be bothered with the enthusiastic amateur.


    The fact that there is a win at all costs mentality instead of a play the game for the sake of the game. Teams will not arrange fixtures unless they think they can win, Regts will not support teams unless they are successful.

    Forget leagues and points and trophies, how about getting 15 players on the pitch on a Wednesday (or god forbid on a Saturday with a Family social afterwards) playing the game and giving the ‘hidden talent’ a chance to shine.

    Lets even arrange fixtures with each other and the bigger unit offer players to the smaller unit just to get 15 v 15 on the pitch for 80 mins and have a good social afterwards. Forget cups and trophies; let’s just play rugby.

    I know for a fact that the above has been tried in BFG in recent years (although on a regional league basis), and organisers have ended up with big headaches and very few games, because of the “but we are in Poland, can’t put a (winning) team out” attitude.

    I would argue, what is really required is enthusiastic managers (who genuinely want to play, regardless of result) to organise games with others. Once teams become active and take the odd kicking, but have a good third half, the enthusiasm grows.
  4. Its about winning not about taking part that's the human condition. No amount of tinkering will change that. What we have is the best that our current generation of leaders can come up with under present circumstances. Down at 17 sport and pastime RLC in Marchwood untold sacrifices are made by non rugby playing soldiers in order to ensure we field a competitive rugger bugger team. That comes down to the value placed on sport by our illustrious leader. If you want a piece of the action reach for a posting preference proforma or if you don't have the fortune to be in the really large corps the transfer button on the ArmyNet.
  5. And that my friend is why the sport is dying (at least here in Germany) in the army. The win at all cost mentality means that teams won’t even take to the pitch unless they think they have a fair chance of winning.

    A few years back, I played in a team that wasn’t very good, a good result was generally keeping the loss below 20 points, I remember playing against BMH Rinteln (a Saturday friendly) a long time ago and them beating us by a clear 70 points (great social after though). However, on the very rare occasion we did win, the celebrations were a joy to behold.

    We had a great team spirit, with a hard core of about 25 lads, we played at least once a week and Saturday games were a bit of a family event. It was a pleasure to watch some young lad come in play and move on to bigger things (Corps etc).

    The win or don’t bother mentality, will only lead to the total demise of sport with elitist cliques of people who developed their skills prior to joining and are lucky enough! to end up in the right regiment (sound familiar)

    What ever happened to the “Sport for All” concept? I know, I know, we are all to busy now days……………………………………
  6. Music to my ears.

    Over the last few years rugby and sport in general has died a death in BFG, and why? As CAARPS says the win at all costs is partly to blame, but CO's who want to look good because their Regt is winning on the field without having time off work is another reason. I have to say that the total lack of direction by the BA(G) Rugby setup also has to take a large lump of blame. In the good old days when the man running BA(G) Rugby actually did it for the love of the sport, things went well. Now that we have a man in the chair who is only doing it for his own gain and to look good on his annual reports things are falling apart.
    The cup draw was not sent out on time, results and next leg details were not passed out correctly and the whole thing is generally in sh1t state. The man who is supposed to be running BA(G) Rugby never answers his phone, so units have to deal directly with the ARU in Aldershot for simple things like Insurance registration forms etc.
    My unit is a minor one and we have been forced to join with a major unit if our guys want to play any sport. We did not want to join with this unit as they already had established teams for most sports, and if you join a unit for 1 sport you must play all sport with that unit. This means our guys cannot break into their kissball team, they don't have a basketball team and generally don't have sports afternoons because the CO is not a sportsman. Our bosses did try and join up with another small unit in the Garrison, but were to told that they would join with the major unit or no one at all. And that about sums it up across the board.
    Before anyone starts asking what i do to encourage sport i would like to say that i do more than most. I play the odd game every now and then and coach 3 teams time permitting as well as having a day job. Why? because someone did it for me as a young player and now that i am getting on its my turn to make sure the younger guys have the same chances i had to play the best game in the world. As for Fiji's, they are not as good as everyone thinks. I have coached sides with only 1 or 2 Fiji's in and things have gone well, we even used to beat 17 sport & passtime every match. Why? Because Fiji's don't understand the forward game. They are good players in the majority, but then again if you played with your mates and spoke a different language on the pitch so would you be. It's time for the blokes to get off there arrses and train again, instead of sitting on them and blaming too many Fiji's for not making it into sides. Fiji's have weaknesses as we all do. Its just a matter of finding them and then exploiting that weakness to the full.
    Maybe we might even see the odd non Fiji in the BA(G) squad soon, but i doubt it while everyone sits back and lets them take over rugby. The guys have to want to play again and it has to be down to the older guys who don't play so much anymore to get them on the pitch.

    Come on BA(G) Rugby Sec, get it together and take an interest in your sport.