The Army really needs our help!


Spare some change, please?

We've all been asked that before. Some of you may have put your hand in your pocket. A few of you may have even given some change!

Well now there is a genuine need for the few coins left in your pocket at the end of the day and this time they won't be spent on more booze, fags and drugs.

The Army is broke. The Government's plan to not cut spending on defence has resulted in the Army being a little short of cash this year. Almost £270m short in fact.

As the operational budget (i.e. Afghanistan) cannot be reduced, everything else which is not nailed down has been either cancelled or severely reduced. Even "not-that-important-really" training has been cut back, despite the operational commitment still as high as ever.

This is where your help is so vital and you CAN help with very little!

For example;

>> £2 will feed a prisoner for just one meal, but with just £2 the Army can feed one soldier for a least a week! Or it can subsidise the private contractor which charges them to eat.

>> £10 will put enough fuel in a Challenger 2 Tank for it to travel up to 6 miles if it ever manages to get back on the road.

>> And only £127,000,000 will get each of the brand new (bought in 2001), never been used, completely unserviceable Chinook Helicopters off the ground. That’s just £1.1m a month for a year!

Every penny you give will go directly* to filling the £270m hole in this year’s budget.

Please help. The Army needs you now more than ever.

Thank you.

Gen Sir Richard Dannatt GCB CBE MC

*Terms and conditions apply. Any money donated will be sent to the The Army Benevolent Fund. All issues raised in this post are real, although any similarity to persons living or dead is coincidental. Anyone believing that this post was actually made by Gen Dannett will be rounded up and sent to the House of Commons.

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