The Army of the Future

Am I the only one who thinks that the repeated rantings of senior officers and those who have been further away than Bde level staff for more than 2 years are utter bollocks.  Do they expect us to believe that we will have integrated fire controll and data communications that will go direct to div comds from the Pte at the front line.   A newer better fighter, when euro fighter is still not here after 20 years of development?   Aircraft carrier in 10 years ?  And the tank reduntant because of the other capabilities we have are so much better than anybody else?

We don't even have a rifle that works yet, radios that work without moving parts and valves, tanks that can go in the desert and a gun in our inf vehicles that's design dates after 1950s.  Even the Ethiopians have better in theatre accomodation than us.  

Call me a cynic, but I think it's less than likely.
Fair point.  Regardless of senior staff, another bunch of unfeasibly optimistic techno junkies are ITDU.  They would have you believe that a bloke with a helmet / TV cameras / assorted digital comms / positioning wizardry etc etc is possible by the back end of next week.  They think that this kit is not only essential, but can be made soldier proof, suitably light, low power, AFFORDABLE and simple enough for me to understand (left Wookie school at 15 and I'm one of the brighter ones).

So, what will come of it?  There must be someone with a rather more informed view out there..

Right, it's late and off to pick fleas out of my fur.
My concern is the amount of dosh being spent in research when the kit the boyz are standing in is naff and cant be replaced because there just is no more kit on shelves ???? LOCAL PURCHASE at John Bulls or HM Supplies thats the answer !
All soldiers want excellent kit we get Jealous when some other country has better kit than us.
The procurement programme has always been pants and the blinkered approach to purchasing kit that is only made in UK has always been imho very short sighted. Why shouldn't we have C7A1 rifles or Leopard MBT'S. Kit should be bought on merit not because its the British option.
nope stopped reading that bout 10yrs ago lol was good for a laugh.

but would you mind having kit from outside UK if its better and more cost effective.
Maybe sandline could provide the nu,bers of troops the army needs as a PFI fro the government ;D

BTW have any of you listened to Radio 4's commedy 'our brave boys' well worth a listen and i'd say a bit closer to the truth than Mod would like. Tuesday nights 1800-1930
what next any sugestions

Military police by Group 4?
Medical services by BUPA?
Jogging on the spot would never be the same  ;)
Group 4 policing the Army!

Now that would be novel, a 37.5 hr week, paid overtime, decent vehicles, union representation (when one makes a mess of an investigation).

Civvy standards, they all sound great.  But we are not civvies, remember.  

Nurse, did I hear you imply that we dont buy British, gosh that would'nt be cricket.

The opposition would crucify the government for buying BIG abroad.
true but what do we want kit that works or crap thats overpriced,late and doesn't work.

BTW why didn't we get the G36 rifle then its made by a British owned company BAe who own royal ordance who own HK.
Bowman has gone to a canadian company
Pinzgauer is now built in UK
GKN have licence to build Mowag piranah(lav25/coyote)
Alvis owns Haaglaunds who make BV206
The reason the kits crap is that the whitehall weenies dont have to use the junk!
Wheel them out their offices and put them on excercise for a month or two.

We are out numbered by 2 to 1 or something by desk bound whitehall lemons why not use a few of them to bump up the numbers?
ROFLMAO yes I could imagine that at a hosp I worked in UNISON put all the porters and domestic staff on srtike. it was hilarious the managers came out of their offices to wheel trollys deliver meals take patients to theater they hadn't a clue. Was funniest week I've ever worked.
Combat tellytubby - I think you have a somewhat jaundiced view.  I am one of your Whitehall weenies.  I came to this job from command, with operational experience in that job.  That experience is directly relevant to what I am involved with now.  And most of the people in the Commitments area and EC are similar to myself.
I took it c'bat teletubbie was talking bout the civil servants I could just see some of the sir Humpheries humping stretchers on to and of a BFA
has anyone thought of trying to influence defence policy? I know we've as much chance of being listened to as pigs flying. But with the recent release of the new chapter of SDR the government has invited public comment through the MOD web site.
so here is a chance to put in you tuppence worth.
Spot on Nurse. Unfortunately they just want comments from civvies, preferably ones that want to make homosexuality compulsory and have us OPCONNED to Band Aid to save 3rd world babies. I doubt they're interested in what we have to say. None of the present government have served, and they've never listened to us before.
And BTW: It looks to me that Generals just toe the party line, agreeing with everything that MoD says until a few weeks before they retire, when they suddenly decide that things are going wrong (and their pension is now safe) and they have to speak out.

Am I being cynical?

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