The Army needs 10,000 more men

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Comment, from the Daily Telegraph

  2. Some good points in there. I might even buy the Telegraph this morning!

  3. A very good read , all of us in the Forces have known this for quite some time . I doubt very much that anything will change. The only thing I can see that may influence the powers that be is the thought of military spending (an increase in it) will secure a parties position at an election ,For that to happen, we need the support of the people ,and for that we need the media .Well we all know what happens ,when the media get involved with military matters . They ''blow hot and cold'' is a polite way to put it .
  4. Well well.

    The Army is undermanned and poorly equiped, what a suprise!

    People must realise of course that elected politicians who control the budgets etc are only interested in one thing. Getting enough votes to keep their jobs! Therefore why spend money on the Armed Forces on the whole? Surely pumping cash into the black hole that is the NHS is more popular.(In my opinion most scandalous is the scrapping of Sea Harrier with a replacement that can just about take off. But can't therefore carry weapons! Might be ready in 10 years if we're lucky.)

    Hmm, note to self :- Less ranting!
  5. If the author is the chap I'm thinking of, he was 13/18H.
  6. :D
    Nice to see it in print, in the public domain, so hopefuly the powers that be can buck their ideas up a little!