The Army murdered our Kaylee, say family of cadet.....

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Sorry it's the Daily Hate but just came accross this.

A catalogue of 'reckless and irresponsible' failures led to the death of a teenage Army cadet who drowned during a boating trip, a judgement found today.

Kaylee McIntosh, 14, died after she was pinned under the overturned hull of a power boat in choppy and freezing seawater for 90 minutes.

The schoolgirl would still be alive if senior officers from the Army Cadet Forces had followed the proper precautions during the boating exercise, a sheriff found.

And although the damning report exposed a string of basic failures, the cadet's parents Derek and Lesley said it did little to prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

They insisted their daughter had been 'murdered' and called for criminal prosecutions to be brought against her instructors and the Army.

Speaking after the report was made public, Mr McIntosh said: 'The Army murdered our Kaylee. It is as plain and simple as that.

'Kaylee didn't die because someone made a silly mistake. She died because of a horrific catalogue of reckless and irresponsible conduct by those in charge.

'We believe that amounts to criminal conduct and there have to be criminal prosecutions against those responsible.'

Her mother added: 'We were looking for some really tough recommendations to prevent something like this happening again and they are just not there.'.......MORE
Well it's hard to criticise the parents in their grief but clearly murder is not the word. Doesn't make it any better though. I'm sure there are several threads on this already.
I remember reading the MCA report on this when it was published. It made very scary reading indeed. A rigid raiding craft, loaded with a bunch of cadets, with a GPMG strapped on the bow and an unbalanced engine. Then add to that putting a young kid in an assault troop lifejacket, designed to keep a squaddie and kit afloat. Then let the boat coxswains take the boats out without any reference to the weather forecast, and without a dedicated safety boat, relying on being able to take the load of one boat across the other two. All in all a recipe for disaster.

I only hope that the recommendations are taken onboard by the ACF
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