The Army List - where?!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by massarge, Jul 16, 2010.

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  1. So I've checked the link in ArmyNET to KnowUK, but there is no password user login area. Another thread eluded to it being published on the RLI - but I can't find it anywhere!

    Any clues?.....
  2. The Army List ? whats that ?
  3. It's a little red book, of several volumes, which lists all the Regts, Corps etc and one particularly useful one that lists every British Army Officer, with a short bio. Used to be lying around every Registry/Library, Adjts and SSAs office - but they seem to have vanished now?
  4. There will be a hard copy somewhere in your unit-as in the Admin Office or the OC will have a copy. Failing that your local town reference library should have a copy.
  5. Two A5ish thick volumes published every two years in red covers. I thought the last one was published in 2008 so we should be due a new one this year.

    But it will probably be 40% smaller than in previous years!!!

  6. Get your Q staff to ring DSDA and find out the latest MSN for it and then demands a copy.
  7. Stationery Office publish it, however they don't seem to have anything after 2005;

    The Army list 2005: Part 1

    I'm sure I got it on the web sometime in the past, howver cannot find it now. Now published every 4 years so new one must be due out.
  8. In case anyone cares, the Army List (and the Navy List and Air Force List) is *the* document that affords Army Officers the legal rights they have to wage war. It should be published annually, and is the Internationally authoritative document for membership in HM Armed Forces. Bit of a shame it relies on JPA to collate all our names.....
  9. Not quite what you asked for, but if you wanted information about a particular officer you could look in the London Gazette, here: Advanced Search

    If there are too many hits for the name, you can use the number (if known) instead/as well.
  10. I was asked to get an update version earlier this year, was informed by HMSO that the last publication was 2008
  11. Can I correct my last post?

    Part 1 - details of major Defence and Army appointments, HQs etc. Officers are listed by Corps and Regiments.

    Part 2 - all officers in receipt of retired pay (published triennially but supplements are issued every year).

    Part 3 - biographical details of all Regular Army Officers on the Active List.

    The last issue of Parts 1 and 3 were in 2008, IIRC. They are usually published biennially at the end of the year.

    I would expect the Chief Clerk of each unit to have a copy at the very minimum. However, I note that the issuing organisation was Llangennech. Llangennech didn't survive the last round of cuts....