The Army Jobs site routine?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ibumchavs, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Sorry to keep hassling you all but want to ensure i'm not wasting time and effort that could be better used. I only just found the fitness routine outlined on the army jobs site and was wondering is this a decent plan to get me ready for selection/basic training?
  2. Er, no it's there as a red herring to trip you up. :roll:
  3. In hindsight i know that was a pretty **** question but i was just making sure as i'm not too familiar with fitness training :oops:
  4. Please ignore anything that Viking21 says and look through the other threads. There is a lot of stuff on here that will help you.

    Thanks, Matts.
  5. I'm joining up aswell mate, just get your head down and aim for success. Get your head into a couple of books. The one I told you about before is great. It has 3 levels of weight training for beginners and more experienced weight lifters. Theres also lots of websites were you can find good training programmes. The Royal Marines is one of the most intense personal programmes I have found, heres the website:-

    You will find alot of intresting stuff in there.

    Have you decided what regiment you fancy yet or are you still in early days?
    What time are you getting on your 1.5 mile run, if you don't mind me asking.
  6. Viking21, if you don't mind me asking, would you mind keeping your valuable knowledge to one place and not crayoning on other threads? It makes you look stupid and you are not gaining any respect.

  7. Looking to join 2 PWRR, if i exert myself pretty heavy i can get around 11 mins which i know is pretty bad, but looking to drop it to around 9 by the end of the summer aswell as getting rid of about a stone of fat which is no doubt slowing me a little.
  8. Yes I would mind, as I havn't the slightest idea what you are talking about please educate me?
  9. Because you know nothing, you mong :?
  10. Any chance you can leave this site and go do some tabbing?

    Weight routines etc are all well and good, but get out there and get your feet on the ground.

    Roadwork is as important for a squaddie as it is for a boxer.

    Wanna join the vikings do you? feck off n tab more than type.
  11. Mate this is training wing so we can talk about whatever we like about training in here.

    Your run time isn't to bad for a beginner, get the Marines diet going for you that will help. Hit the weights and do press-ups, situps and pullups. If you can't manage pullups yet, hit the weights for a few weeks then move onto them. Under-arm pullups are much easier to do, but you are expected to do over-arm in the forces. I'd advise you to work on your sits and push-ups as that is what you will be tested on. Train Hard fight easy as they say.Good luck
  12. I'll be less eloquent. What you know about the British Army could be written on a pin head in very large font. STFU civvy.
  13. Go fu@k yourself, I know nothing! :roll: . And whys that because I have yet to sign up - b0llocks to that, fitness isn't just a form of the forces you fruit.
  14. I've sent you a PM.
  15. Wasn't that RAF Bomber Command??

    The AAC was "Strike hard, strike sure" n they were into Wellingtons...