The Army is "Full" until next year?

Firstly I'd like to say hello to arrse.

Currently I'm going through the process of joining up, I'm going for Royal Engineers. My AFCO have told me on numerous occasions that pretty much every job in the Army at the moment (apart from infantry and chef) is full and won't have any intakes with spaces until next april/may. I have a friend who's in the Army and told him what was going on. He told me that AFCO's have a quota to fill and that I could say I wanted to do infantry so I could get into phase1 sooner then just transfer to Engineers when I get to base. Like I said to him if I did do this and wasn't able to change it wouldn't be a massive loss as I want to be combat anyway but it wouldn't be exactly what I wanted to do. Just wondering which one of them are correct? More importantly is it likely that I will actually have to wait until next year to get into phase1? I've heard alot of people saying that there are lots of dropouts for intakes.

Cheers in advance!
yeah, but by saying you want to join infantry when you don't actually want to do it is going to **** shit up for the rest of us who actually WANT do be infantry.
If you want to kill lots of people.....Become a Chef!

Remember the recruiter is not your friend. He is employed to fill vacancies in the Army, not to facilitate your dream career as an apache helicopter pilot or embassy storming SAS trooper. Decide what you want to do and even if it means waiting and don't be swayed from your objective.

But what do I know? I'm a civvy. But I've met some miserable soldiers who listened to the recruiter and not their own inner voice.
Unfolded said:
yeah, but by saying you want to join infantry when you don't actually want to do it is going to * s*** up for the rest of us who actually WANT do be infantry.
Well in all fairness the Infantry are always going to be looking for people as long as there is conflict going on, I already thought of that too I wouldn't want someone to take my intake spot so I wouldn't do it to someone else.

walt_of_the_walts said:
Decide what you want to do and even if it means waiting and don't be swayed from your objective.

But what do I know? I'm a civvy. But I've met some miserable soldiers who listened to the recruiter and not their own inner voice.
Again I was thinking this, since the minimum service is 4 years it's not the same as civvy jobs where if you're unhappy you can just quit/look for something new, I'm willing to wait to get what I want since it gives me time to get fitter but I'd much rather they phone me and say I could go next week, the waiting is killing me!
Transfering is never an easy thing to do and if your infantry battalion is short handed (and which isn't, always) they'll stop you going.

Tell the recruiter what you want and stick to it. Try to get a visit to the depot arranged and if they like you they should give you a letter saying you belong to them. (However, I joined in 76 and imagine things may have changed since then!!)

Now, where did I put my pipe and slippers.......
Dempsey, you're in a very similar situation to myself. I first went into the careers office at the beginning of March and had my heart set on going into the RE, in design. My recruiting officer didn't forsee a problem at all and gave me a rough date of September (obviously wasn't set in stone or anything but that was when he thought) and then I had my sodding doctors bugger about and then the Medical Officer's needed more information. During this time, the places have come fully manned and doesn't look like I'll be able to start my placement (if that's what I choose) til next April either, therefore my application would've taken over a year.

Got selection in a couple of weeks, which I am (touch wood still will be) doing more than enough of everything to pass. So, if I pass selection in a couple of weeks - I've got a big decision to make. My contract at work finishes at the end of September (rejected a permanent one thinking I'd be off), so I'd be out of work, and I'm not one to sit around doing nothing.

Said to my recruiting officer, and the SM that I was thinking of changing if they gave me a start date a long way off and they were trying to encourage me to stick with my engineer's route because I have the qualifications and experience through work - and it's what I really want to do, but that they couldn't force me to do so.

Alternatively, I want to see combat on the front line as well so am very much considering going in to an infantry regiment.

If anyone knows, how much difference would it be joining as an assault pioneer? (as I understand, most regiments have this attahcment). This would give me soem experience and also get to see front line action - as I understand.
Transfering will get harder.... at one time it got pretty easy. As the Army wanted tokeep you in, or at worst send you to the other Services.

By far the easiest transfer was from a well recruited trade to a "pinch point" trade. Although oth transfers weren't impossible, as long as the receiving trade wanted you.

If the Army is full though.....
I see some things haven't changed, recruiters filling their quotas. In 1988 I set my heart on joining the RE Junior leaders. The recruiter told me that there were no vacancies and would I like to join Junior Signals or RCT? He told me I would have no problem transferring later on. I said no way! He told me that I would have to wait and join as an adult recruit, so I said fine, I'll wait. Low and behold a few weeks later I got my joining instructions for Sutton Coldfield and when I got done there I was given a place at JLRRE.
If you want to join the RE then its worth waiting for, just get a job and keep yourself occupied until a place comes up, which it will.
I've been getting different answers from people in the services but it's looking a lot like I'll just have to stick it out for the time being and hope that someone drops out of thier phase1 spot. Thanks for the replies guys!
can anyone tell me if the royal irish is going to stop taking in because so many other regiments are full, and i heared the royal irish is nearly at full capacity
I heard somewhere the artillery is full, but thats probably just rumour and myth.

I'm going REME Armourer, and after passing ADSC a few weeks back was told unless I wanted to chef it up, do postal ops or be a clerk, I was looking at April next year if I was lucky, despite my solid and healthy B grade at selection. the Recruiter was very honest to be fair to him, and I appreciated it.. he said that there will most likely be an intake in April, but he couldn't guarantee I'd be on it.. simply because of the huge leap in recruiting and the finite number of places in training that are available. I was originally told [before ADSC] that A's are rarely, if ever, awarded and that if you could get a high B, you were in with a good chance of being at the top of the queue.. got to selection and most of us left with good B grades.. maybe thats exceptional, I wouldn't know, but it certainly seems that a B is far from a guarantee.

While its frustrating that I've been in the system for three years, and now people who had never considered serving before are arriving in their droves to squash my fragile dreams, I stuck with armourer because its right for me, I've stayed in my crap job and I'm waiting it out.

Great minds think alike it would seem, and now we're all tripping over one another for a living no-one owes us. I'm hopeful for April, but by no means confident. I'd advise anyone who hasn't already got papers with a written and confirmed date to be wary that verbally advised dates remains only a possibility for any of us.

Best of luck to all.
Most infantry regiments have no intakes until January now anyway. Might as well hold out the extra few months and get the job you defintely want instead of taking up a place in the Infantry that someone who has their heart set on it could miss. The army's bloody well full right now, and it's rotten luck for us trying to join up.
I didn't expect it to take so long since all the conflict going on in afghan means we're losing soldiers quite a bit but if it's full it's full. The recession is to blame which isn't a surprise. I quit my job so I had more time to get in shape and sort myself out and get in the mindset for the army but seems I'll need to find work for a few weeks to tide me over until I do go and just keep my head down with training. Fingers crossed for all you keen boys and girls who are on a waiting list that you get a spot sooner than next year same as myself! Don't know about you but if I get a phonecall and they ask me to start phase1 tomorrow I'd be there haha.
Hey guys, i passed adsc last month with A grade and got no start date but on a reserve list if someone drops out im gutted.
I passed ADSC in April and I am starting in January, although I had to do another selection course, my application to ADSC took over a year. So all you people moaning about a few months bite the bullet, the Army's full, its hard to get a job, waiting a few months for a career isnt exactly earth shattering, considering the job security with the army etc.

Crack on and get fit.
E-Layer said:
Unfolded said:
Mate - You're totally right and if I were you I would RUN like the wind to your AFCO and sign up before he nicks your spot.

Yeah I've been using all the waiting time wisely, got a pretty rough exercise regime worked out so that when I finally get my spot I won't have to worry about the fitness part.

Congrats on ADSC, Theralas and amy16! Fingers crossed my own one is succesful.
they said to me i would have to wait until march or even later and 4 weeks after they said that i got my date for the 30th of november
How can the army be full when people are being killed/injured on a daily basis in Afghanistan (Not to mention leaving because they've done 5 tours in the last 4 years).

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