The army is dangerously small warns top general

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. from today's Sunday Telegraph (copied in full because registration required)

    The article names 6 regiments to be merged or disbanded. IF correct, that would imply two amalgamations and two total disbandments to achieve net reduction of four battalions.

  2. "It will have more boots on the ground as a result of the restructuring of the infantry and will be better placed to meet future commitments."

    I have a mental image of an idealised MoD Parade Ground - row upon row of highly polished boots with no soldiers attached to them :x :x
  3. :( :( and when I read what you said, I got a mental image of one of those American field memorial services with the empty boots, helmets and rifles of the dead lined up as on parade.
  4. Politicians really have no idea :roll:
  5. And the news - which comes as nothing like news to you lot - that we couldn't put on/mount an Op Corporate-sized work out nowadays (even if we needed to) comes as 'how much' of a shock?

    The first order of business of ANY UK gov't is defence of the realm - not fannying around with bollocks such as Blair's new arse of 'The Opportunity Society' - what ever the f*ck that means!??

    Woe and rue the ever-approaching day we dance to the orders of a 'Rapid Reaction Force' of a Euro Army under the O-group of a French/German 2 star! Especially after the James Hunt those officers and 'armies' made of it in the Balkans!

    If memory serves, all signatures and takers of the Queen's Shilling, from Ruperts to uber-Junior Brecon Boy Soldiers (whilst willing to fight anywhere), sign up to fight enemies of the (UK) state? NOT what might be going noisey in Upper Saxony as part of an EU mobilisation?!
  6. There was never enough infantry in my day 67-90. You can't just take troops from the non infantary roles and turn them in combat infantry, with a Tin City training course.
    Yes it was tried as many could tell, but in this day and age it just don't work.
    Don't understand.
    How true and how many lives will it take to convince, 6 in MAK where just a start.
  7. ..and if you take a close look at those boots, you'll see that they are all privately bought. The issue ones, having been made in China, weren't up to the job.
  8. Never mind - TCH knows best, despite what previous CDSs and ACDSs may think...

  9. What a coincidence!
  10. From todays Mail on Sunday, a further twist to the infighting about who will be the fourth battalion in the frame? .....or just another curve ball thrown by the MoS.

    Mail on Sunday – 12th December
    By Christopher Leake Defence Editor

    THE GURKHAS face being sacrificed this week after senior infantry commanders ganged up against Britain's top Army officer General Sir Mike Jackson over defence cuts.
    The cuts would reduce the worldfamous Nepalese soldiers from two battalions to one after a distinguished military history dating back to 1817.
    Senior Army insiders say the Executive Committee of the Army Board has recommended to Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon that he should axe the British Army's Gurkha battalion at Folkestone, Kent, comprising 600 men.
    This would leave the Gurkhas with a single battalion which, although based in Brunei and financed by the Sultan of Brunei as a resident jungle warfare unit, could still offer support to British units.
    Last night, a huge political row brewing over the changes seemed likely to force Mr Hoon to delay the announcement due tomorrow - until later in the week.
    Tory Armed Forces spokesman Keith Simpson said: 'The reorganisation of the regiments is all about cuts, pure and simple. It comes at a time when our infantry is needed more than ever and is overstretched.' .
    And one Ministry of Defence insider said: 'The Government won't have much trouble with Labour MPs. They don't have a constituency called Nepal South.' Senior Gurkha officers told The Mail on Sunday any attempt to cut the regiment would be met with stiff resistance.
    One said: 'If the Gurkhas fall victim there will be uproar.'………......... They are held in high public esteem, but if the infantry can sacrifice them to save themselves, then they won't think twice.'
  11. The trend to cut personnel to pay for weapons systems is all too common and unfortunate. Weapons programs spiral upwards in cost while manpower is reduced at some point you are not left with enough personnel to man the weapon systems. What the civilians at MoD and in Washington fail to understand is that the defense is not a factory or a corporation and any savings derived from cuts will be lost in procurement. Getting a grip on procurement will derive real cost savings that will obviate the need to cut manpower.
  12. ..and if you take a close look at those boots, you'll see that they are all privately bought. The issue ones, having been made in China, weren't up to the job.[/quote]

    I bought locally a pair of 'combat' style boots to wear when on my motorbike.
    I swear that the tread pattern is 'same ' as the DMS and calf length combat boot of the Brit army of the 80's.
  13. " 'The reorganisation of the regiments is all about cuts, pure and simple. It comes at a time when our infantry is needed more than ever and is overstretched.' "

    I seem to remember from my readings over the years, sum general said words to the effect of
    " You can keep all your tanks , planes , arrtillery and political talk, but at the end of the day it all comes down to some guy with a bayonet on the end of his rifles who has to convince the other guy with a rifle and bayonet just who has won the fight."
    Armies are about people not the latest super toy.
  14. I'm afraid.

    I'm Afraid that we (the Uk) are going to get caught up in another big bust up, like in 1940. We got our behinds well and trully poked there, but we survived becuase the CiC on the other side was a nut.

    Will we be that lucky next time?
  15. So Hoon is all of a sudden a far greater tactician & military thinker than our Generals?
    He also possesses a crystal ball that tells him there will be no resumption of the "troubles" in NI, no more outbreaks of "ethnic cleansing" in the Balkans & definitely no unforseen calls on our military.
    It must be humbling to be a cross between Nostradamus & Napoleon :roll: