The Army... Give me Strength!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airborne_Aircrew, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. What is it with these dimwits?

    They somehow think that because they utterly failed to pass any exam placed in front of them and that the Navy rejected them offhand and the Air Force laughed in their face when they applied that their acceptance by the Army makes them some kind of heroes when, in fact, they are little more than ignorant idiots that, in large numbers, feel self confident and "tough" while really being a bunch of little cry babies who spend way too much time worrying about who has the "gucci kit" and who is "posing" better than they can.

    Should they do their F$cking job and leave others to do theirs or should they prove to all what wasters they are by constantly being envious of others who can do the job, (dare I say the RAF Regiment?), and still have time to pluck the odd tart from outside a NAAFI or two...

    Comments accepted... But please try to keep the IQ level above 50... If you can... :wink:

    [Ducking and Weaving] :twisted:
  2. brap brap brap

    Gwan wit ya bad self.

    fuk dese chumps.
  3. Ah! an attempt at humour :lol:
  4. I've had the misfortune to serve alongside the RAF in NI, Cyprus and the Falklands and have never come across such a bunch of whining faggots in my life. Basically they are civvies in blue suits - completely devoid of either military bearing or humour.

    The most basic of requirements for a military force (and I use the term loosely with the crabs) brings them out in a cold sweat. They 'choose' to do PT if it suits. Weapon handling tests and APWTs are something to be avoided at all costs and woe betides anyone who asks a crab to do anything that is remotely outside his 'job spec'. Don't bother trying to get them after 1700hrs either.

    Now, if I had witnessed this just once, then it may have been a one-off. Twice maybe considered as unfortunate, but 3 times...??

    Do one you meff. By the way, your username -'Airborne_Aircew'. What other type is there you plank...??
  5. :lol: Like it.

    No, I like my feet on the ground behind a rifle, rather than in the office behind a radar screen. :D
  6. I've just come back in after a night out. My head is spinning. I'm wrecked and i will confess my lightweight status (i feel like vomiting) and maybe shitting my bed.


    I feel fairly confident that if i was to now get my CEFO on and get stuck into a live Platoon attack I would perfom better than your average "Rock Ape".

    Why??? Because i'm a trained infantry soldier and not an over rated airfield security officer who owns an open top LR110. When where the RAF regt last asked to take the fight to the enemy in an operational role??? Lets say within the last few years given the current climate?

    "Stands by to eat his hat if some fairy in blue says last week." - However somehow i dont see it.

    I have visions of them stagging on an airfield. Every now and then getting some "trigger time" with the local battlegroup 5k outside the wire & when they feel really nails patrolling the safest parts of Afghanistan and Iraq All within spitting distance of the EFI.

    I Yawn at thee.

    Also stands by to correct spelling come 11 ish when i finally pull myself out of my zombie like state.

    Hope my post helps you to realise you nosh blokes off!!!
  7. Whats up mate ? Have you left the "Mally" after your two pints of shandy and decided to do some pongo baiting ?

    My experiences of rocks are similar to most who have served on Airforce bases or have bumped into the RAF in general, you are a joke and nothing short of hobbyists trying to meet a very high standard that is beyond your reach. Snowdrops have more kudos than yourselves.

    Get a grip of yourself mate, if your crowd were any good you would have been doing the jobs that scallies and troggs have been doing for your service for years.

    One saying sums your crowd up nicely.

    All the gear, no fcuking idea..
  8. Really good with any kind of gate. We need them.
  9. He asked if we could please keep the IQ level above 50.
  10. Never saw any Rocks on the gate when i was in, they wern't even trusted to guard the buckets of sunshine. :lol:
  11. RAF Aldergrove VCP - The place where 90% of Rocks earned their GSM NI.
    Now that was a tough slot!
  12. Yeah, and I bet they still suffered from Post Tramatic Stress Disorder - Bless em.

    B_T. :lol:
  13. Must agree - the army are basically stupid :D well the REME are not too bad.
    I like fishing on sundays :p
  14. 16 Sqn, Hmmmm found your lost missile yet :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. Did my driver training at RAF St Athans straight out of basic on some army/crab exchange thing in '89. Met the pebble chimps for the first time then, foolishly thought we'd get along but these mongs blanked us from the outset. Turns out they took exception to our green kit as they had to wear their faggotty blue barrack dress, can't impress the crabettes looking like a raving hom now can we? Inevitably one of our guys nailed one of "their" girls & put their noses right out of joint, how we laughed! Anyway it ended up with us 8 REME nigs inviting them out to the carpark for a quick man dance which they promptly bottled. Fannies!