The Army `girlfriends`

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by jen2005, Jan 4, 2005.

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  1. What do u all think about all those women out there who aren`t married to men in the army, but are just their `girlfriends`. They seem to think that they should be entitled to married quarters just as much as us who are actually married. I hate this and I`m sick of hearing it, because if they want it bad enough, they should marry them. The army doesn`t have a bottomless pit of money!!! As i think we all know. We`ve all had to do it, in some cases its the only way we can be with our men.
  2. and what do you think about the girlfriends who have kids with there army boyfriends ?
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  4. What about all these lovely??????? Young serving hippocrocodilafrogs who get preggers and get quarters?????????? No fcuking diference if we can accommodate these slappers we should be able to accommodate those who wish to set up home together even if they are unmarried!!!
  5. well we are not married yet and im expecting our second baby. ive never really wanted to live in army quarters we live in a beautiful house and are contemplating not moving into quarters after were married in july. some army wives think there the bee's knees because there wives and to be honest you are no different to any other human beings and when we are married in july my opinion wont change just because im an army wife. i dont think its that bad being an army gilrfriend the army has been quite good to us now. i just dont understand why some wives are so horrible and nasty to others. oh and the reason were not married yet as we didnt want to get wed in a registry office and have a do down the local pub we wanted to save up for an amazing wedding of our dreams and weve got it. ' a better life was quoted ' well i dont think because your an army wife you have a better life at all some people have a right shit life and the army just mess everything up for some families so how can that be a better life. everyone has a right to there own opinions but to bitch about people and there circumstances is out of order and knowone has the right to judge anyone even if your a little old army wife !
  6. whats a hippocrocodilafrogs when its at home lol never heard of that before
  7. I don`t have anything against army girlfriends what so ever. I was an army girlfriend for 4 years!!! I know exactly what it is like, I just don`t like the way they moan about not having the privlages marriage brings. I coped without support from the army before been married, so why can`t they?
  8. The mob will actually do quite a lot for the girl friends of soldiers, the main thing is that they are convinced it is a 'proper' relationship - kids, house etc. Not just this months bright young thing.

    In my experience (been with g/f 5 years) most of those that complain want all the pluses - LOA, housing, free travel, posting to Cyprus - but don't want the crappy bits - being left in Germany whilst we are in Bosnia/Iraq/some other shite hole, CO's wife appearing at your door every 5 minutes. :?:

    Like all such things if the rules change they will be subject to abuse - try getting a slapper out of her quarter when they split up for instance.

    FYI a hippocrocodilafrog can usually be seen driving an RLC truck :twisted:
  9. Grow up.
  10. im an army girlfriend with kids and i cope perfectly well and you dont always have to be married to get privilages like far2young2die said and i agree with everything you said. dont tar everyone with the same brush were not all young, niave and winge for britain. i dont think i better say anymore on this subject as sarky bitchy comments are raising my blood pressure. have a nice day everyone.

  11. They said I wasn't allowed to be an army wife cos i wasn't fat enough and didn't wear ron an army girlfriend I had to stay
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  12. :D :D :D
  13. You can be a thin Army wife, you just need to die your roots a different colour from the rest of your hair, and smoke like a laboratory beagle. A gopping council estate accent and the need to swear more than your hubby helps.

    They will also waive the requirement for Ron Hills providing you have enough tattoos, at least three of which must be visible in an evening dress.

    Good job no stereotyping here then :lol:
  14. lmao he he he

  15. 8O Loulou !!!!! pmsfl :roll: :wink: