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'The AFJ is a quarterly magazine for Army families around the world. If you havn't received your free copy, contact your spouses Unit to find out why not!'. It's also available to download at

( There y'go Catharine - gotta be worth a Chrissy card ! )

Le Chevre
The AFF is there to support families with information as well as taking their issues to the top. I have had some dealings with the AFF. They have an annual meeting,at these meetings they and the MP's are to answer questions from the floor.Most of the time it's like a party political speech. The journel is full of colourful pictures and self praise as well as some issues that affect military families.

If the AFF is to be taken seriously by military families and the MP's,they must start listening to those they are meant to be representing, military families. I dont wish to sound condescending but there are some very big issues going on,better understanding and cohision between the AFF and families is need. I have placed some issue that affect military families,all because they move so often. Dentists,Medical Centre's,schooling,housing,local connection,electorial registers,child benifit. The list could go on.

I believe, until these areas are covered in more detail with positive outcomes for military families,service wives will not be to interested in whether they get the magizine or not.
Sadly I have now started to receive NEGATIVE responses from the AFF towards my own organisation - after having first been very eager to see how we could work together and compliment each other!

The new chair has not once tried to retiurn my courtesy calls introdicing myself, and they have even gone so far as now ignoring my emails and removing a link to us that was acceptable at first and when we made a donation of £50 but after that, removed.

They seem far more interested in linking to another organisation who are ONLY supporting the army and who actively encourage soldiers to post their full service details on a NON secure forum!

I have reached the conclusion that, as I am not myself connected to the Army, and because I am running my own business and trying to help point people outside the "wire" towards people like the Families Federations I am now classed as a threat to them and as such they would prefer to try and ignore anything I am trying to do to help more people get in touch with them.

Bizarre - and really bloody ignorant to be quite frank.

The way the Families Federations are going - and some other "information" organisations - they will not only alienate themselves from the serving and dependants, but also those who are the FUTURE serving personnel and their future dependants.

Disgruntled of the RAF lol ;)
I'm sorry to hear they are ignoring your organisation. The housing specilist that was working for the AFF was very good at getting the issue across, however there has been a change of personnel in the AFF. This year at the AFF general forum, many wives of commonwealth servicemen had to shout there issue of mistreatment, to be heared. The words that will pull them away from total collapse is:DIRECTION,GOALS and Objectiveness towards their position and the issues that are affecting families now.

Regards From a soldier that has tried to get the AFF to support changes to Homelessness Legislation. However the issue is to big for them.
Happy Christmas.

Hey Hitback tell me more about the Homelessness Legislation - this is the kid of thing we really want to try and highlight to people who just arent in the loop re the MoD, because they dont live on Camp or in MQ's.

Cheers mate.

The AFF are not a guaranteed lifeline to sort problems – they are just but one path. Most I have come across have been very good at representing soldiers and their families. Furthermore – they have never been afraid to voice their opinions – directly and forcibly to senior officers and ministers.

On a slightly different tack, I do find that with SSAFA, AFF, British Legion, Army Welfare Service, ABF and the host of other welfare agencies – that it can be confusing to whom one should go for help. Each of these organizations offer something slightly different depending whether you are retired or serving. Nevertheless, I would have thought that considerable administration savings could be made by combining SSAFA, ABF and British Legion. Admittedly SSAFA is Tri Service but there is a lot of duplication.

But to return to the thread, IMOH the AFF are dedicated band of people who try their best. They may not be perfect but in the main they provide a valuable service. If no success from the AFF, then I suggest try another similar organization.
Ramillies. The idea of a Tri Service organisations is what I believe would be a better approach to helping those in need. There are to many organisations taken up valuable time and money,if they were control centrally with each case being controled under one big umbrella. The cost of location,personnel,set ups etc would be greatly reduced.

Maybe the MOD should be looking at this as a positive way to reduce waste.
In my experience (working for a welfare agency), AFF are usually very good. However, there is a tendency amongst the larger welfare organisations to forget to mention the contributions made to cases by others, and I suspect that this is why AFF are sometimes cagey. In these days of contracts and endlessly having to justify the cost of welfare to civilian bean-counters at MOD who know the price of everything and the value of nothing I suppose it's inevitable.

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