The Army dont care about our hearing..

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. The FIBUA ex made me think.. yes PAM 21 and LUMATS insist that hearing protection is wor whenever weapons are discharged ( ie includes blank ), but has anyone ever tried giving QBOs when the blokes are wearing Amplivox? Crew served weapons need instruction from gun commanders / CPOs, but again the problem is caused by wearing the issued ear protection - blokes tend to leave it off, for realities sake.

    Now, I am aware that Gunners can get really Gucci Amplivox, that have an external microphone that picks up sound but cuts out the real noise - small arms, 81mm etc.

    Why dont the rest of us get issued these? Just cost?

    H&S anyone??
  2. Shite aint it.. knees and ears are two parts of a service persons body that get fucked over the most.. and yet they can be looked after so much better with the MOD spending a little bit of money on protecting them.

    The amount of times my ear defenders have fallen to shit, or I have been issued broken ones... god I duno!

    For FIBUA, should wear ear plugs for firing inside buildings.
  3. I'm sorry. I can't hear you. You'll really have to speak up.
  4. Classic example of MoD penny-pinching and complete lack of any real interest in proper kit or soldier welfare:

    If you are a civvie shooter, you can spend about £30 to get a pair of battery/solar powered noise-cancelling ear defenders, which blot out shots, etc, but allow and even amplify normal conversation-level sounds. Excellent bits of kit and just imagine how low the MoD contract price could be if they went out and bought 200,000 pairs.

    If you are a civvie shooter/biker/ industrial worker, you can shell out a bit more for custom-fitted plastic earplugs. The basic ones provide excellent hearing protection, but don't obstruct your helmet/ headgear like MoD amplivox. More expensive options include sound-buffering valves, which enable you to hear normal level sounds. The top-end version contains electronic sound-buffering, with cable connections that can hook up to a radio/mobile telephone/ iPod/etc - just imagine how useful that is on a 'bike, in an AFV, hooked up to your CNR, etc. Price would be very low if it were a universal fit to every serviceman...

    When i get to run my own army (offers invited), I'll upgrade the med centres to include the facilities for the universal fitting & issue of electronic ear protection, plus the universal analysis & correction of individual soldiers' gait (ie orthotic insoles), plus full professional athlete physio support. That way, i'd expect to eliminate the majority of my serious leg/back/ear problems and the resulting medical downgrades.

    Next time you are on the firing point doing your APWT in noddy suit & respirator, trying to balance your (para) helmet on top of your MoD ear defenders so it won't fall off, or doing some FIBUA where you can't hear a single section command - just think that the MoD has saved some cash to hand back to Gordon Brown, rather than provide sensible & professional equipment...
  5. A good compromise is the rubber earplugs with the valve insert - the valve closes off with the pressure wave from a loud bang. They're not as good as foam plugs or amplivox for actual attenuation, but they're better than a poke in the ear. They are about 15 quid a pair though...

    First time I used them with blank, it was strange because the sound of the working parts moving was disproportionately loud!
  6. The companies that sell the filtered and fitted earplugs often have show units for Gamefairs, it might be worth contacting one and seeing if they'll come to the base and give you a bulk discount if you can get enough men to show an interest.
  7. looks like it's the higher frequency hearing range that gets screwed first. I thought my hearing was A1 until everyone in the office was staring at me because I wasn't answering the mobile phone going off in my briefcase beside me.
  8. Oh' knees as well BTW.
  9. I used them mil and civ for nigh on 10 years until I encountered a Range Qualified Nazi who refused to allow me to shoot wearing them as they were not "ISSUED".I still use them for non mil shooting and several audiology exams tell me that my ageing hearing is perfectly normal.
  10. Mean while on Earth....

    The standard issue ear defenders cost £9.99 retail (i will assume the MOD get bulk buy discount - but wouldn't be suprised if they don't)

    Electronic jobbies wich amplify low noises and "stretch" loud noises -which effectivly removes the shock from loud soundwaves. cost in a civiy gunsmiths £80 for the sh1t pair and £130 for the gucci ones with built in rechargable batteries and a car 12v charger.

    This is why and all the RCOs i know went out and bought the electronic versions.... i am currently saving up but the need on a small bore range is not as great.

    Think FIBUA is bad, get posted to a RAF Bomber base and work in Communications cabs on the runway as 3 tornados take of in formation, without ear defenders.

  11. When I went onto my first gun position, aged 14, I was handed a ball of cotton waste. At 18 I was issued the pink helmet type ear defenders but they didn't actually make them small enough for my delicate shell-likes. As a CPO/GPO the wearing of issue Amplivox was tantamount to professional suicide...and so on until I finally signed off - without a terminal hearing test!!
  12. Eh....What?

    We used fag buts whilst at Sandhurst! The tiny pink things we were issued with in a little plastic tub got lost too easily, so they stayed behind as part of your locker lay out - if you lost them you lost your name into the bargain! Better to go deaf than end up on defaulters parade, showing 'lost ear defenders'

    Picture the scene:

    A play in one Act. Scene 1 'Defaulters, Defaulters SHUN'

    Duty Colour Sgt: "Right Sir, what are you doin' 'ere?"
    Immaculate Officer Cadet: "Showing lost ear defenders, Staff"
    Staff: "Well where are they, Sir?"
    Cadet: "Lost, Staff"
    Staff: " That's no fcuking good, is it Sir? You idle 'orrible little Sir, Sir. Show again!"
  13. ....Scene 2, a military academy near Camberley

    Colour Sgt: Defaulter, defaulters "shun"; right sir, where are your ear defenders?

    Cadet Deaf (for it is he): Sorry Colour Sgt, can you speak up?


    Deaf: I'm really sorry C/Sgt you will have to speak up, as I have lost my ear defenders....
  14. Does anyone have a url or something for a place that stocks these in ear things with valves etc? Looking for something along those lines


  15. Most gun shops will have them. They are uncomfy and I think we should be issued proper ear defense anyway.