The Army Commandos, in the beginning – and save £340!

In 2000, No.4 Cdo and Achnacarry instructor, Jimmy Dunning, first published ‘It Had To Be Tough’, which sold-out almost at once. From a small publisher and only a few thousand copies printed, so not hard to figure why. Since then, copies on the second-hand market have been rare, very rare. Currently there’s a UK bookshop with one on offer for £350! Go to Amazon UK and search for ‘It Had To Be Tough’.

No, it’s not worth £350, (you can get Jimmy for less), but, a full reprint is now out. The reprint has been picked-up by Paladin Press in the US. The title has changed to ‘British Commandos’, but otherwise is a full reprint of the original. Price is a realistic $20, which is about a tenner UK. Paladin are a bit weird on p&p, asking $18 for one book, but, after mailing Paladin, they say: “If you would like to order directly thru us at any order over $75 is free shipping if you order on-line.” Ergo, order with three mates and it’s a tenner a head inc. p&p – or wait till copies maybe turn-up on evilBay?


8½” x 5½”, softcover (glossy), photos, index, perfect bound, 224 pp.[/align]

Paladin have a UK outlet which is Horley and Outdoorsman Books, yes in Horley, Surrey. However, this new release is not on their web lists yet so you’d need to phone for prices.

I’ve put this in the History forum rather than Arts, (or whatever the hell they’re going to call it), as this is a piece of history rather than another casual read. Jimmy has made his fair share or appearances in docu’s, with sideburns down his chops in ‘World at War’ (1973), and most recently Clarkson's ‘Greatest Raid of All’ (2007). He went through the full stretch of the Army Cdos, being a volunteer from the regulars in 1940 to continuing after disbandment. He was on the Dieppe Raid among others, and did a spell passing on knowledge at Achnacarry.

The theme of the book is the formation of the Army Commandos and the development of the many training regimes. The strengths of the book lay in when talking about himself and those around him. He brings in some examples of the Cdos overall, which are a bit ‘thumbnail’ in places as Jimmy clearly couldn’t be everywhere, but also quality accounts from comrades you would otherwise probably never know. In other words, when he’s good he’s excellent, and otherwise he’s not at all bad. :thumright:

Supplementary – I called Outdoorsman to ask about the title, and weird to say the least the dictates of Paladin US. Apparently, they in the US tend to keep new releases as exclusives to themselves – including from their distributors??? – for about 6 months??? Hence, Outdoorsman (UK) don’t have the title, don’t expect it for about 6 months, and, when they do have it, expect the UK selling price to be around £20.

Ergo, best route appears to be, join with three or more other buyers and buy direct from Paladin for £10 a piece post free. If you don’t know three other buyers, perhaps post your intention to buy in this thread, then four or more similar can buy together? :thumright:

The book is definitely published, I have a Paladin copy, but the marketing practise of Paladin defeats me??? 8O


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