The Army Cadet Force Manual 2005 edition

Bono Estente.

Will someone please let me know if the 2005 Edition is still current?

I have a pdf copy, but was wondering if it has been superseded? Don't worry, I'm not going to ask anyone to email me a new one (not at bit over 7mb, anyway.)

Boutros Boutros Ghali!
Hows it going matey?
As far as im aware the pdf type jobby is current!
which im assuming is from the Frimley Park disk sent out?
I asked this question to the QM he told me upto ammendment 6 in the manuals and the Disk are only to be used hope this helps matey




I take it you're refering to the "rules and regs" manual and not the training manual? If so then it's still current, our detachment got the paper copy a few months ago.
Troop! All good mate, thanks.

And yes, HS, I refer to the rules and regs and not the Cadet Force Training Manual, new paper copies of which are still cellophane wrapped and awaiting a trip to a sunny training area in 2 weeks!

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