The Army and new technologies

The Army has always insisted that the RN and the RAF 'manned the equipment' but the Army 'equipped the man'. I believe that this has changed in the last 10 years. The Army now has technologically advanced platforms and systems on a par with the other two Services.

On TELIC, a Tactical Base at the time would probably have a couple of LFGs, a bit of prick-through lighting, a computer and some comms. Now we have more tech than you can shake a stick at. Similarly, the soldier was a man with a gun and a radio. Now he is part of a complex man-portable system that integrates with the vehicles. The vehicles are no longer simple and have more processing power than a Bde HQ of yore.

Where is this going in the future? Is the Army very good at all this tech? What is it missing?


I think the difference is (oversimplified) the Air Force and Navy "float" or "fly" to war, whereas yer average grunt "walks" to war. The petticoat army and the shirt lifters (alleged) use their technology to WAGE the war, whereas the ground-bound use technology to FIND the war.
It doesn't matter how much technology you have without boots on the ground you will never win anything as Lybia is proving. Yes equipments getting better, the younger generation are being brought up on gadgets and technology so it wont be hard for them to use the new kit....FFS I had a black and white TV and VIC 20 computer when I was younger and Del boy was the only one who had a brick phone.

You will find trade fade with all equipment though in the future as a VM your skills arent needed on most kit in barracks is plug in and test on computer (Civvy garages dont want dirty handed mechanics earning easy bucks so you have to put everything on a diagnostic machine) and same will happen with a lot of hands on trades but when on the ground in Afghan you cant just grab a diagnostic machine out or pull in the local garage.

As Tool says the technology is useful to get the upper hand but not as vital as the people on the ground and a bit of help from the superior Air power.


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Time was tech could not be made small, light and squaddie proof enough. New technologies provide for smaller gadgets and the unobtainiums provide a reason to go to wars. But don't worry. The MoD will ensure that you get the most expensive, least useful bit of kit on the planet.


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wont be long before they develop a bulletproof laptop which fits into osprey I reckon.

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