The Army and money

Is there anyone out there that can explain why the Army is not good at paying out to it's employees, but is very good at collecting in cash!
One word.

Maybe because some tw4t in an office working 8 to 5, no duties, no weekends and no deployments doesn't have the forethought to even consider that the easy option, of just holding back the lump sum you 'owe them' after they messed up over the last year equals hardship, difficulty in paying bills and not feeding the kids.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the trouble that follows after bills you though you could pay bounce and you find yourself up in front of the CO with all hopes of promotion dashed.

Cynical? Me?
The Army treats its people like crap as far as paying them is concerned - the comparison between civvy street and those muppets at Glasgow is quite unbelievable. So here's my £0.02 as to why:

CO's are not held to account if their soldiers don't get paid - "it's down to Glasgow" - but MDs get crucified by unions etc if the civvy workforce lose out.

It's too easy for an officer to tell the soldier to shut up and get on with it - "they mess my pay up as well you know" - a civvy would meet this attitude with a resounding "f%ck off !"

A soldier can't walk away and get another job - a civvy can and will.

A soldier can't take his employer to an industrial tribunal to recover money - a civvy can.

The whole system is far too complex and is consequently widely misunderstood. Civvy companies simplify everything as much as they can to use as few admin staff as possible.
Two points on this. Firstly, a soldier can hold his CO to account if his pay is incorrect for a lengthy period of time. And a soldier can take his employer to tribunal to regain pay he (or she) is entitled to.

I know this, as I have done it. After that clusterf*ck, laughingly referred to by MOD as Pay 2000 (in 2001), I spent over a year being incorrectly (ie under) paid. Having waited a long time and frequently visited my Pay Office to always be told 'It's Glasgows fault), I got a tad vexed.

So, I went to a solicitors. They could not believe I had put up with it for so long. In their words, a civilian would be taking his employer to tribunal after a month (if that!).

So, I wrote a letter to my CO, stating the whole sorry story and said that if the situation was not resolved in 4 weeks, I would be taking him to court. Strangely enough, it didn't come to that and my pay was sorted within 2 weeks. For the conspiracy theorists amongst you, I actually got a decent CR (for my then CO - he wrote shite CR's and had some very odd views on promotion, but that is another story).

So, the moral of the story is, don't put up with it forever and don't be fobbed off with it being some other (usually untouchable) dept (ie Worthless Down or Glasgow). Give it a few months and things don't get sorted, take a trip to your local citizens advice bureau or have a free half hour at one of your local solicitors. You'll be surprised what you can do!
El Gringo,

Woa, brave man you!! I think if that was tried on my current CO he and his cronies would

"strike down upon thee with great vengence and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers, and you will know my name is the lord when I lay my vengence upon thee(Pulp Fiction) :lol:

Good on you!

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