The army and George Bush..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Eggy88, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Is it just me or do most squaddies actually support George Bush and the war in Iraq in general? (You guys may all disagree, but I'm going by the squaddies I know) and the people who protest saying "It's unfair sending our troops half-way across the world for an unnecessary war" are generally pen-pushers who have a 9-5 job, or are incompetent kids jumping on the band-wagon.
  2. Rat, smell, a....
  3. Yes it is true that the majority of those in the US military support the President both in Iraq and the war on terror in general.
  4. And a not very subtle one at that....
  5. I just reply to your other post saying you seemed like you'd thought hard about it and then this appears.. 8O

    Seriously, you'll get many differing opinions absed on many things - not least how many times people have been there.

    Personally if I saw GWB in the street I'd accelarate toward him (and most americans) and hope for impact. The war was illegal and unjust, but I'll still go when told for these two reasons:
    (1) I'm paid to do something and I can almost justify it to myself on humanitarian and force pretection grounds 8) and (2) I'm a gutless bag of old wind! :p

    I haven't been yet but expect to at some point - it's another ill judged waste of British lives just like Bos/Kos/Afg...

    We have an election soon you know :!:
  7. To be honest with you eggy.

    Squaddies dont support any wars, they just go where they are told, and they go to get on with the job, at hand.

    The only people they really support is each other.

    They go hoping when they return they are not looked at like some kind of pro kill everything kind of person.
    Yes they will wind people up about it, thats the nature, and they will also play down there experiences.

    Thats the majority brits anyway, but i am sure most americans are the same.

    As Eramus once said, war is only delightful to those with no experience of it!

    These pen pushers who dont support the wars, personally i dont care if you do support the war, or you dont, but if squaddies go into a place like Iraq, then you should support the squaddies, plain and simple as that!
  8. Uncle Tony's getting desperate to find someone who agrees with him, isn't he?

  9. I can see myself getting flamed here. But I was curious of what the general army opinion of him is. I come from a fairly military background and my family and family friends seem to support what he's doing.

    I know stereotyping is bad, however that's the message I've been getting. Instead of hearing of normal protesters complain about the war when they're thousands of miles away from it on behalf of the troops it would be better seeing what the people actually fighting for democracy think about it.