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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by scouse_phil, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. I'm not sure if this is in the right place (and if it's not please move it).

    What is it like having a family and being in the army?

    I'm old(ish) at 30 and have been thinking, along with other people on here, at joining up. But, how would having kids affect my service life and more importantly their life?

    You can read the Army brochures and the website and see how they tell you they will support you as much as possible, but in reality what is that support like? In SFA is there a good social life for the kids and the partners where they can turn to each other for support?

    Now I understand in the Navy you'd be living on a ship so it would be even worse there, but as for the Army and RAF, is it any better?

    I look forward to hearing back and probably getting abused for mentioning the RAF!!!
  2. It has been great for me or should I say us but without my wife's full support in that she didn't work while the kids grew up to make sure the kids were always covered while I was constantly away on duty it would of been extra hard.

    Depends under which cap badge you join, some postings your always away or on call, others you can get to spend plenty of time with the family.

    Just never embarrass yourself to the boss by saying you cannot do Guard/PT/Parade/Function because of little Johnny's karate lessons.

    Most SFA communities are very good but you have to get involved to get the best out of it, you will make some great friends and widen your support so when little johnny does have karate another parent can step in and help.

    Age doesn't really come into it, if your old at 30 then I'm knackered :)
  3. Exactly what Disco said, my wife has been around most of my 22 years in the Army and we have lived abroad for over half of that. I actually found forces schools far better than UK schools and when I moved back to the UK it affected the kids schooling. I think the set ups for families are good, some wives dont want to get involved others think they were their husbands rank. But over all I believe that the lifestyle is far better than you can get in CIVDIV.
  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Agree with the above, I've been in Army quarters since 1982, 10 different ones in the UK (Edinburgh all the way down to Berkshire), 3 in Germany over 7 years and 3 years in Cyprus. Some quarters and patches are better than others, it very much depends on the individuals. Going back to the same patch after a couple of years away can be quite a shock, it's rarely as good as first time round. If you're adaptable and sociable, you can have a great time.

    Your wife has to be on side, it can be hard for her to find a job in some places. It can be a great life for children (ours loved Cyprus, holidays in Egypt, Lebanon and Rhodes), though their schooling can suffer, especially after the primary stage, unless you can afford the boarding option (the Army currently pays alot of this, but you still have to find at least 10%).

    So, swings and roundabouts, but I'm glad I did it.
  5. Some great advice here.

    I am 25 and looking at joining and onto my interview stages.

    My partner is 100% behind me and I am planning on once settled in my partner and son come with me.

    Any ideas on how long you have to be in the army before your partner can come with?

    Also what about job wise for the missus, she is a qualified nursery teacher. Is that any oppurtunities to work at base with children etc....

  6. Your not eligable in phase 1 training and also in phase 2 training for majority of trades as realistically need the trade 2 course to be well over 6 months to get a MQ. Once you have been given your posting to you first unit you can apply for a MQ (only if married) or from the date of your said partner so if not legally married you arent entitled unless a single parent.

    If abroad your wife will have the chance to work in creches/schools if jobs are available or in UK as per normal........whilst in Cyprus and Germany lots of the qualified wives worked in Camp but theres plenty of applicants trying for those few places.

    Ask your ACIO for the Information for married personnel sheet and also the families brochure that has lots of useful info........regarding MQs most are great value...I pay £125 for a three bed house...a bit run down but far better and cheaper than a council house.
  7. Hey,

    Yeah your right we are still engaged (4yrs now) the only thing stopping us is the lack of funds right now.

    I was speaking to the careers office and they said we have to be married, so hopefully I get in and carry on saving we can get married and it's good to know she can come with after I have been posted.

    Yeah I thought that there might be a high amount of applicants for jobs if any where going.

    Just wanted to get a rough idea of how long before she can join me and if there are jobs which you covered so much appreciated buddy
  8. I actually came on this forum tonight to ask exactly the same question! We have a wee one on the way and it's due next March. I can't actually try joining until 2013, I have a few bills to pay off 1st. So our kid will still be toddler stage if I do make the jump.

    My biggest concern is not making the decision to join from purely selfish reasons so I'm slowly chipping away at 'er indoors by selling the benefits of me making this type of move, for us as a family obviously.

    Anyone care to say how they dealt with all the usual concerns etc that their partners had or was it a case of 'I'm doing it, tough luck'

    Lots of big concerns about being an 'old' guy starting off with all the youngsters, how our child will get on, being away from family etc.