The Arms Dump

ive seen some of the pics before .somewhere in vietnam,was the original caption.would love a trolly dash around that yard....makes you wonder whats in the shed....


What sort of age do you think we are talking about? Were Thompsons used in Vietnam? Most of it is WW2 but then they chuck in a few mini guns just to confuse things! I'd have expected to see a few Armalites if it was Vietnam.
Vietnam seems probable from the sheer number of M60, AK's etc.

Sure its not Donningtons supply of confiscated 'souveneirs' that has steadily built up over time :D
thompsons were used by the vc,as well as any other weapon they could get their hands 99% its somewhere in vc land.cambodia,or laos.


Thats been doing the rounds, I thought for a while it was africa or the asian bits, indo china but then I realised I hadnt cleaned out my office for a while!!!!


Just to add in my 2p worth, I have looked at the Czech website and I genuinely believe that this arms dump is/was in Laos, and not Vietnam or Cambodia.

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