The Armourer's Shop

Discussion in 'REME' started by No_Duff, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. Why is the Armourer's set up known as the Armourer's Shop ? has it always been called that.
  2. It's because everything we do comes at a price.
  3. I know it's very obscure.. but "Work - Shop" from "work" - meaning unknown and "Shop" from 13 C Old English "Scoppa" - a "booth" or "shed" (oh dear - now i've done it..)

    yes I know, I've never seen anyone do any work in there, but apocryphally this did happen..


    a long long time ago..

    Just as a head spanner wnker is known as an "artificer" which apparantly means he is skilled... or artful...

    Now the second I can believe - but the first - nah..!

    Strange derivations of ye olde English wordes...

    I hope you are now none the wiser, but better informed..!
  4. In lead mining terms, going back centuries, a "shop" refers to the blacksmiths shop
    I would think if you go back far enough the local armourer was often also the local blacksmith, possibly the reason?
  5. Thanks, Gents.

    Armourers, Gods chosen. :)
  6. I have it on authority that it used to be called a Cellar and the term was formally dropped from REME Corps Orders when 'shops' opened for Porn and Warhammer and it appeared to be a logical step to co-name since the contents of one usually was found in the other.
  7. I guess it is an abbreviation of Workshop.

    I think in shipbuilding they have Electrical Shop; engine shop; Carpenters shop; etc etc......... Also in big factories or Manufacturing Works, the specialist sections would be called "shops"

    In short it is historical.
  8. It's because a good proportion of the kit we work on tends to find it's way onto Ebay.
  9. Armourers Workshop gets abbreviated to Armourers shop.

    Now, according to the Army website, we will be known as 'Weapon Systems Engineers' Should job titles be pimped/blinged/'updated' or should they just be left the **** alone?

    'Excuse me, do you know where the Weapon System Engineers are?'

    'Down the armourers shop mate!'

    'What; they're in there with the armourers?'

    'No mate - they are the armourers!'

  10. The pen pushers just can't leave well enough alone. Weapons Tech Air, Aeroengine Tech, Airframe Tech, AKA, Armourer, Fitter, and Rigger.
  11. Give it a few more years and with the names they are changing everyone will think armourers are techs.
  12. They can't do that; I like having friends! ;-)
  13. Everyone wants to be a Tech, but few are chosen,
  14. ;-)

    Fixed that for ya!