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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Good CO, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I've had to chop this thread after a complaint about Kernow Kid posting potentially libellous content. Kernow Kid had VERY cunningly stopped someone being directly identified by putting some stars in the name. I then had a read through and noticed a lot of this - far too much to root out individual posts so had to move the whole thread.

    Obviously I know that 95% of the time talking about old Jim Bob's cup getting skiffed causes no harm whatsoever, but then some idiot takes that as an example, but takes it a step further etc etc.

    Enough justification - just please do not do this - the stars in name is simply bolloc ks, achieves nothing and goes completely against the rules you signed up to. The rules are there to stop the site getting in the s hit, they work and there are no grey areas.
  2. Well,im pretty gobsmacked over this, whilst i could agree with the reason, surely it would have been better just deleting Kernow kids messages?? whilst not 3 RTR, well cant say much as well very gobsmacked and upset and well done kernow kid you nobber
  3. Hey Boss. I think that's a wee bitty OTT, binning the whole thread. That was the most popular forum on ARRSE and it served a very good purpose in keeping those guys in touch.

    I know it's your site an' all but, with the greatest of respect, wouldn't it have been sufficient to ban the miscreat(s), delete the suspect material and let the rest of the guys get on with their enjoyment of the facility?
  4. Not an Armoured Farmer but many of my mates are, sorry to see you had to take this action. I look forward to seeing their banter elsewhere on Arrse OOOOH AAAAARRRRR!!!!!
  5. no need for this at all....
  6. Well OTT in my view, it is one of the main reasons I visit ARRSE most days.
  7. Bad call IMHO.

    Undoubtedly the most popular threads on the site and fair play to the blokes who obviously got a lot of fun out of it.

    Even if some knobber fcuked it up, why not just delete his posts?

    OTT mate.
  8. we all know each other anyway ,,,we dont need code words,,,were tankies....all over to ajax ,badger,cyclops, chaps...
  9. C'mon mate, play the game!

    surely you mean aj*x, b*dger, Cycl*ps.......?
  10. you can call the prime minister a c..t but not any one you know,,,
  11. Good CO, I'm afraid this is going to bounce back at you and I really and honestly don't want it to. I'm not even a poster on that thread but I know how those lads enjoy it and I fear the outcry is going to grow.

    I appeal to you to reverse this decision and not let them lose all the cracking posts and photographs they've made since the thread started.

    Nobody's going to be critical of you deleting posts if they breach the terms of posting.

    I know this isn't a democracy mate but surely the opinions of regular posters count?
  12. Funny that Pup ive seen blokes on here threatening death and destruction on the PM and half the known world, but the biggest and friendliest thread on Arrse gets pulled on one complaint?????
  13. id just like to point out as well that all the guys rooting for the thread to come back arnt armoured farmers,,,goes to show i think how much its enjoyed,,,,
  14. I just can't believe it, words fail me, f*****g gutted. Thanks for your support lads and as everyone has said it was the most popular thread here up till now, with well over 250,000 views!!! :frustrated:
  15. Bit baff here,
    Iwas really over the moon to hear and to get in contact with old senile grey/balding ex south west england non pony Tankies and some buff old fool pulls the plug. Never tried our home compo cooking or one of mums homemade Dorset pastys????
    And my photo collection has been enhanced by piccies from the past. Bad enougth getting disbanded, but to be eliminated from history....... :shakefist: :threaten: :thumbdown:
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