The Armistice Silence - firms that ignore the sacrifice


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Incensed as I am by the way some firms put profit before respect, I'd like to start a list of those companies that spit on the graves of the fallen.

Please post the name and details of groups like this, if anyone chooses not to use their services then, to use their own weasel words, "it's a personal thing."

For those of you that feel their persec might be breached by posting here, please PM me with as much detail as possible and I shall contact the company CEO and ask for an explanation/confirmation.

When you go home,
Tell them of us and say,
That for their tomorrow,
We gave our today.
My firm didnt bother either and at 10:58 the dozy recepsionist sent an e-mail to everybody asking what time was the 2 mins silence :evil: :evil: :evil:

I went to the staff canteen and was quite there for the 2mins whilst the rest of the company went about its business as for body around here was wearing them

Pm on the way ref the company name and details
Same with mine. I'm the only one in the Company with a Poppy, fcuking Civvy's. Just went about their own merry way. I was even asked what I was doing at 11 when I turned my Screen off.
I made fcuking certain that my whole team was outside and stood to attention at the memorial in Richmond. One of the civvies started gobbing off....things to do etc, I asked him if he wanted to work late and get it finished...cnut!
Same here, no Silence or anything & I was 1 of very few to wear a poppy.

If it had been 2 mins for a tsunami or earthquake then they would send emails to all & make every effort to appease the PC culture I work in.

The only up was the Hospital League of Friends had a Poppy collection tin. Saying that it is run by the old & bold.

I was even asked today by a member of my team (Zimbabwean) whats the flower your wearing. Give me strength!!!!!!!!!
I pulled over on the hard shoulder at 11. The amount of cars & wagons screaming by was a disgrace. Yeah I know your not allowed to stop on the hard shoulder but I could,nt give a feck. Interestinly the other day one of our many Polish wage slaves asked me what,s the deal with the poppy. I duly told him and the next day every one of them was wearing one. Good show !!! I no longer look on them as a bunch of under cutting job pinching tw@ts now. Which is more than I can say for the snotty nosed baseball capped knobs which unfourtunatly were born here.

Regards LT.
I've got to say my firm didn't do it. At 12:15 though the M.D. sent an e-mail apologising for having missed it and expressing thoughts of remembrance. So I'll let him off!!
Locally it is typically claimed that "some people may find it offensive".
That said many firms/businesses do honour the fallen at the appointed hour.

Despite the claims, I have only once in my adult life heard any disparraging comment about my wearing a poppy and, in what I'll admit is quite a rare occurance, an explanation of my reasons for wearing it resulted in an, admittedly grudging, apology.


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My 'firm' made a broadcast at 10:59 with a bugler playing the last post....building movement, no phone calls.....poppies in buttonholes, pinned to T shirts and some of the girls wearing them tucked into hair fixin' thingummies.....

...considering ACGS was visiting us , hardly surprising everyone was wearing one but still nice to see.

Funny how we assume everyone knows what the poppy means....I got the same question from the lil pfirsich manning the Avis desk at Dusseldorf last week.....don't think Germany has an equivalent, which is a bit odd really.

Well done ARRSERs for showing the way :wink:

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At eleven oclock my teaching stopped, and my soldiers bowed there heads without being told,I am old and bold and was chuffed to bits.
So if your reading this WELL DONE LADS.
i just got off the phone to a mate who works for sainsbury in the wherehouse and he said he got a right earfull after he stoped work for 2mins and logged out of his workstation for his 2mins, he did try to explain what he was doing and that his best mate (me) had spent 6months fighting in iraq, the fcukers wouldent have none of it. he is on the phone to the union as i speak
As they arrived in my room at 1020 this morning a class of 12 year olds said to me,"It's today isn't it, can we have the two minute silence with you?"
I thought I had better say that the two minutes was during the start of their morning break, and was told that they would stand there with me anyway. They did too, and I thanked them. Ordinary kids in one of the most socially depreived areas of the UK and I am proud of them.
All the traffic lights on Aberdeen's Union Street were turned to red for two minutes at 1100 GMT.

Well done that City Council. Maybe next year it will happen Nationwide.

Ne Obliviscaris
I was amazed that the company I work for, which describe themselves as young, hip, dynamic etc, sent round an e-mail requesting that everyone log off their phones, switch mobiles to silent and observe the silence. Or else.

Quite new here and was pleasantly surprised as almost no one is wearing a poppy.

No complaints, no nothing. From the boiler factory atmosphere there normally is to utter silence for two minutes then the noise gradually built up again.
Biscuits_Brown said:
Did anyone else notice this?

Poppys a "fire risk"
May I just say that blaming "'elf and safety mate innit" as the shopping centre in the article does makes me fcuking wild. This cannot possible be true - the shopping centre just didn't want them there or couldn't be bothered with the minor admin it would involve and used H&S as an excuse. In my (quite extensive) experience of this, "health and safety said we can't do it" usually means one of the following:

1. We are afraid of getting the pants sued off us if something goes wrong but we can't say that can we
2. We can't be bothered to sort out the admin/money/time/ for this and want to blame someone else
3. We have no idea of the concept of practical risk assessment so we'll go way over the top (conkers and googles)
4. We have no idea how to manage risk so we'll just ban everything and blame 'elf and safety (hanging baskets in streets)
5. We can make more money by doing something different so lets blame 'elf and safety (someone else might PAY the shopping centre to put a stand there perhaps?)

Bit of a hobby horse of mine I'm afraid :oops:
My head is hung in shame - for the first time in I don't know how long I failed to observe the silence. I was simply just busy at work, looked at my watch and, oh sh1t its 1105hrs. I'd even put my RBL lapel badge on this morning for its annual outing. It's the only silence I ever acknowledge. My saving grace will be that I'm unlikely to forget the one in church on Sunday, as someone will sound last post!


Chuffed to say that the local town council arranged for someone to fire a maroon at 11:00 to mark the start and at 11:02 to mark the finish. Lots of people at the War Memorial paying their respects. A gang of workman stopped their work and a guy using an angle grinder on a nearby building site stopped for the period - well done lads.

Very annoyed to see a well known highstreet retailer's delivery lorry driving about during the silence.

My company put out an e-mail broadcast yesterday and today reminding people and I noticed that people had rescheduled conference calls and meetings to make allowances. Well Done all.
sweatysock said:
All the traffic lights on Aberdeen's Union Street were turned to red for two minutes at 1100 GMT.

Well done that City Council. Maybe next year it will happen Nationwide.

Ne Obliviscaris
Bloody good idea with the red lights. Good on that council indeed!
Have to say that my office were brilliant about it. Central lot sent round a CC1 to observe the silence and my particular bit had every one in the building standing together with the boss man's chaplain leading the prayers. Lots of poppies everywhere as well!

Lots of ex-mil though so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised!

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