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The Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme Order 2020


War Hero
The Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme Order 2020 - goes live 01 Jan 2021

The last round of redundancies, the payment was decent i believe, enough for people to take VR. The Hutton report recommended going to Government statutory redundancy payments - which is pants. This Order is just walls of text to me :)


War Hero
Thought this would have had a few more comments :)

An officer has claimed to decipher what this actually means for SP taking redundancy:

  • 10.2% of annual salary x every year in service to a max of 20 years.

  • + lump sum and pension.

Got to say I'm very skeptical of those figures, anyone else had a read?
Interesting to see Reservists are in there too. As it comes in to play from January, when are the redundancy numbers being published?
Making redundancies at the same time as recruiting rejoiners at the age of 56? Hmmm.

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