The Armed Forces Muslim Association

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Armed Forces Muslim Association launched (From Hillingdon Times)


    The young muslim lad I had in my unit on Ops was a cracking bloke and bloody useful when trying to understand the locals and the jundies. He taught us all quite a lot about Islam and everyone was the better for it.
  2. This kind of thing is never good, it will become a lobby group and the Army will end up like the Police For...sorry..service .
  3. Pampering the fuckers? Why? I thought we were all the same in the forces.
  4. Everyone in the Army is equal, they are all green. Some are dark green, some are light green! ;-)
  5. So why do we have the Armed forces Christian Union or the Soldiers & Airmens Scripture Readers Association.

    That's before you start on the LBGT forum.
  6. Is there really? Fair one then I suppose.
  7. No it is not a fair one, Mark1234 is absolutely correct.

    This is divisive and is just a publicity drive to wheel out every now and then to show the muslim public that contrary to popular belief, we adore muslims.

    Muslim soldiers should be treated exactly the same as non-muslims as should all other minorities in the armed forces. Maybe if we treated everyone as equals then a lot of the perceived problems would go away.
  8. This divisive IMHO ,we serve together as members of the armed forces, it is not necessary to sub divide this into ethnic, tribal groups, would non asian soldiers be excluded from attending a meeting of asian/muslim medics having a forum on the latest battlefield trauma techniques? absolute p.c p.r. stunt by the nodding dog "yes ministers" fckck sake everone get on with their jobs irrespective , we are all in the same outfit with the same obectives.
  9. Why in the name of all that is good and holy would 'Asian' (apparently you have to be Asian to be Muslim now?) or Muslim medics be having a forum on the latest battlefield trauma techniques without inviting anyone else?

    Seriously? Why on earth would that ever happen?

    Did anyone ever bleat about Church parades or getting given a bible when you joined up or the Scripture reader disturbing your **** to tell you how great God is being divisive? Did anyone ever ask whether white Christian medics would hold meetings about 'battlefield trauma techniques' without telling the blacks and Indians about it?
  10. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Associations are not allowed in our (Indian) Army and we have soldiers from every religious denomination.

    It is most surprising that such groupism is allowed. This can lead to collective bargaining and I would be surprised if that will not be the end of discipline and operational readiness!

    These political sops should be avoided.

    It matters not what religion one is an adherent of. It is his loyalty to the Nation and to the Army which matters.
  11. I wonder if there is an Armed Forces white anglo-saxon association or an armed forces scots association. this is discrimination at its best. I'm surprised the forces caravan clubs have not been infiltrated by the gippos who will want caravans for all service personnel so that they can empathise with moving around all the time and living out of a suitcase / caravan / truck / car etc

    Taxi !
  12. Pandering to muslims, again. What a load of sh*t.
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't see a problem here. I suspect that this group would have little sympathy with anyone trying to pull a fast one but would be able to advise the CoC where there may be a genuine issue.

    For example would you know how to deal with a soldier who has a religious obligation to fast during Ramadan and as a result may become unwell doing physical work?
  14. Yes. Charge him :)
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  15. Abuse his ethnicity and give him a slap, especially if they preached incessantly about Ramadam, gave it large about fasting and their dedication to their religion, only to be found in the back of their ambulance during a deployment to Dornji Vakuf stuffing their face with clacky bars. Eh Mo? You bluffing twat.