The Armed Forces Memorial

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From the Daily Mail:

Appeal for armed forces memorial
02:10am 7th April 2005

A multi-million pound appeal to commemorate the sacrifice of thousands of British servicemen and women has been launched.
The Armed Forces Memorial aims to honour some 16,000 Britons who have died in service or as a result of terrorism since the end of the Second World War. It will include space for those who sacrifice their lives in future.

Unlike traditional war memorials, organisers say the new national tribute is unique in recognising service members killed on duty, not during specific conflicts.

Members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and the Merchant Navy who died in conflict zones in direct support of the Armed Forces will also be included.
Jenny Green, chairman of the War Widows Association of Great Britain and President of the RAF Widows Association, urged people to support the appeal: "The Armed Forces Memorial will provide national recognition of those killed on duty and serve as a permanent reminder, to all those who go there, of the sacrifices that were made."

The £4million appeal was launched at the Imperial War Museum, together with the official unveiling of the winning design by architect Liam O'Connor.

It is planned for the National Arboretum in Staffordshire and will be made of Portland stone, engraved with the names of each serviceman and woman.

People wishing to donate can log on to, or send a cheque to The Armed Forces Memorial Appeal, First Floor, Zone A, St George's Court, 2-12 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2SH.
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A commendable idea...but some might say that Staffordshire is a convenient place to tuck it away so that it doesn't upset the tourists to our great capital.

If it is designed along the lines of the Vietnam memorial (listed by year, I think) it should serve as a graphic illustration of President Blair's expeditionary administration.
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