The Aristocrats

Dunno if you watched Ch 4 late last night, or if anyone did and posted stuff about it here, but anyway it's just about the most depraved joke/story imaginable.

Basically people, mostly well known comedians, come up with the most depraved sexual scenario they can - vomit, faesces, anal sex, incest....... beastiality, necrophilia, sadism (flogging a dead horse if you ask me, but I digress)

The Aristocrats

Much more on Youtube (etc) on 'The Aristocrats'

Many apologies if ......

1. Offence is caused (But if it's OK by Billy Connolly & Edie Izzard et al ....!)

2. This has been done before.

3. It's in the wrong place

4. Whatever ...
I hated it, probably the only film I ever saw that I really wanted to walk out of the cinema to, but didn't because I paid my damn money and hoped I might actually laugh once to. I didn't.
After watching the documentary/film I decided to try it out yesterday on my sis-in-law. A good 5mins was spent on incest, anal rape, fisting, scat, blood, bestiality, pi$$, nailing genitals to the floor, a faeces covered minstrel singing Mammy, rectal fireworks and juggling. She giggled all the way through the telling of the joke but then went blank at the punchline

She then asked "How did you remember all that?"

So I told her I'd done it to the missus the night before!
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