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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by wellyhead, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. All,

    It is with glad tidings in my heart that I can inform you that on Weds 26th March the new serries of The Apprentice returns

    So bloody what I hear you cry

    Well this time its important as one of our own is about to take part, and when I say one of our own I don't mean some jumped up twat that does a year at sandbags before pishing off to do a job in Meeja

    I mean someone who

    a. served for 7 yrs
    b. was a JNCO
    c. Did 4 0p tours
    and most importantly
    d. is a member of ARRSE (albeit occasional)


    See the fat feck on the right ? Thats my friends is Simon Smith who has appointed me his official spokesperson on this interweb site as he is banned from posting on any forum or blog during the run of the show.

    Heres his write up

    Please give your support or slag off merciously during his run on the show however long it may be

    I will not reveal his online identity, I will leave that to him the conclusion of the show

    Edited to correct facts after he slagged for getting it wrong
  2. Here's hoping Mr Smith gives the girl on the left of the photo Charge Super ! :p
  3. "Everyone wants me on their team"

    Give me clucking strength. Another dropshort wannabe and he has clearly been eating far too many pies since leaving the Army.

  4. You mean he bimbles around in a white van, nails a dish to a wall then charges you an extra 30 quid for 2m of cable he says wasnt covered in the contract? I can see he'll go far....
  5. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Good luck to the guy.
  6. I'll start the book....

    Out by week six at the very latest. If Iam wrong then it's £50 in the ARRSE charity pot from me.

  7. couple of posh totty in there! nice.
  8. The Sun(scum) decribes him as a former drug user. WTF

  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Can't he afford a decent tie? Say Brown, Green Sand and Pink stripes. Perhaps we should have had a whip round for him so that he can wear it on Newsnight at the end of the show.

    Then again if he can't afford an Arrse tie he is not going to go far so - keep you money in your pockets.
  10. He's going to either nail one of the slags or knock someone out. Either way, its all going to end in tears!
  11. of laughter for the observing public
  12. Good luck to him, never watch the prog myself, but I have every sympathy for anyone wanting to get out of Murdoch's employment.

    GunnersQuadrant, PM, IPM or just WB?
  13. I read on another forum he developed the habit after a tour. So could have been a case of self-medication.

    Although, even if he just developed the habit because he was a twat, then at least he's got himself back on track.
  14. Amstrad was actually bought by Sky just a few months ago so it could be said that he's not changing employer at all!
  15. Oh Dear. episode three he's going to have p+ssed the majority of em off and he'll be booted for episode 5

    50 quid in Arrse pot if I'm wrong
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