The Apprentice.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo2nothing, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone been watching this? It's top TV, with the nails Sugar doing business his way......some top cringworthy moments too. Watch out for Syed....what a cnut!

    One of the bints is ex-RAF, be interesting to see how she gets on.
  2. I would happily slap the curly haired bint (the one that can't keep still) and yes Syed does come over as a cnut.
    Which one was the ex RAF girl? I must have gone out for a pee and missed her.
  3. I have to agree on the curly trollop - she was appalling and should be either locked up or culled. One minute she was dancing around like a 5 year old, the next she was about to burst into tears in the boardroom. I thought the guy who got kicked out was a little unlucky; he was certainly better than many of the tossers who survived.
  4. Yep, Syed is a class A of those that tries to prove himself at every moment and is in your face trying to be the top dog - I'm sure the cnut will get it sooner or later....and yes, the curly haired bint is an over excited emotional nutter!
  5. She reminds me of a hyper active Charlie Dimmock... but I aint seen water feature
  6. Syed. Loud mouthed, individualistic, in your face, glib mouthed, arse hole. In my country, he would be perfect officer material. :)
  7. I loathe reality TV but I was hooked on this last time around!

    Heres a prediction: Syed, for all his gobbing off, will make the last two.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Coloured bloke was very quiet.I thought he was a Bouncer!!

  9. Had to laugh at that classic parting shot line from Alan Sugar to this prat... "your card is marked".... a classic yes man
  10. What a total aRRsehole Alan Sugar is. Egotistical, power-crazed, meglomaniac, full of himself, jumped up,upstart.

    Still one thing gives me comfort, to be the way he is , I'll bet he's got a tiny todger
  11. Oh dear oh dear oh dear I heard rumours that Syed was going to be on the apprentice! What an absolute gobshite of a tw@t he is! I know this first hand because he worked with me, then for me, then I fired his co.cky arrse ( I adored telling him to bog off! :D ). I notice on the website he has unde rhis profile that he owns a recruitment business - BALLS!
    I reeeeeeeally wanted Syed to go last night, he is your typical barrowboy big knot wearing recruiter, who will promise you everything but not deliver! :twisted:
    He is the MOST arrogant person I have ever met, but he has the business acumen of a duck. He couldn't close a door let alone a big deal. He has zero respect for anyone and anything, hence why his body language in that final boardroom meeting was so cocky (wide legs, leaning back etc) and he thought he was ok to not be wearing a tie - aaarrrggghhh!!! I hate that man!!!

    A-team FFS - he was always coming out with shite ideas
  12. Should get on well with Sugar then.
  13. I was hoping they would take syed's suggestion and call themselves the A-Team then sit back and wait for him to shout.

    "I ain't geddin on no plane FOOL.!!! "
  14. Syed will last a while only because it will make entertaining viewing and keep people talking about the program. The guy who got binned, he did seem out of his depth and there to make up th numbers with his 'personal tragedy' story. As for that muppet who didn't know the difference between pounds and kilos, he should have been made to run up and down the market, holding a crate of melons above his head. Modern education for you I suppose.
  15. Saw on the BBC this morning that the guy who got binned is going back to working in Healthcare, Charity work (Takes ill kids on trips ever easter) and running as a Tory Candidate in the next Bi-Election.