The Apprentice - Series Three

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Candidates have been announced:-


    Anyone know this Paul Callaghan chap? Ex-infantry Lt. apparently.

    This was the best prog on the telly last year, starts next Wednesday...cant wait!
  2. Obviously wasn't much cop if he's now appearing on this as a civvy and still only 27 - whipper snapper. With all respect to those medic'd out for what ever reason of course. Agree, good TV viewing, but wrong time of year - evenings lighter etc - should be out & about keeping fit and healthy - not wedged in armchair! Taking bets on who'll win? Two look remarkably familiar to the Badger and that other one (who won last year).
  3. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Making stupid comments like that I'll bet you're a great bloke. What a tool.
  4. Paul worked for me for 6 months and left my firm just a couple of weeks ago. Just because he didn't choose to make a career out of the army does not imply he could not have if he had wanted to. Knowing him I am sure he would have done just fine had he wanted to make a career out of it, but he chose not to as many (actually the vast majority) of officers and soldiers do.
    It is, at the end of the day, a reality TV show. How he gets portrayed will be partly down to editting, but take it from me he is a capable chap and will do just fine whatever the outcome.
    Don't bother asking me what I know about the series (which they finished filming some time ago). Paul is sworn to secrecy (for now) or suffers a financial penalty and despite the usual interogation techniques being employed on him I know very little...a bit, but I'm not going to share it.
    Incedentally he was Reg Artillery and now serves as a TA REME officer (He is part of REME's parachute display team see and I am very sad to have lost him as an employee.
  5. GwaiLo, thanks for getting that in.
  6. (He is part of REME's parachute display team see

    Must be hard as nails then. Jumping out of a plane, opening your chute to find its still full of spanners, again.
  7. Should make good viewing, they normally do. Last year though, that Jo girl really done my fkn head in.

  8. I swear the fatso in the middle is just Badger with blonde hair come back for another go!
  9. New Job at MI5? Motor pool manager presumably, or have they just had a narrow escape?
  10. He was in the Gunners, commissioned in Dec 2002. Served with 26 Regt RA then 3 RHA, then left under a bit of a cloud. Wont add any more than that!
  11. I hate Alan Sugar and hate the programme
  12. Paul Callaghan was sacked from the Army so I doubt he will last very long with big Al. His wasn't granted an extension for his short service commision so he was booted out at his 3 year point - hence why he was only an Lt. He was sacked from Basrah due to a number of fcuk ups. He once sent his BC to the grid of the IED rather than the ICP! A nice enough bloke but didn't have a clue when it came to commanding sodiers. An Army HR expert he aint!
  13. So he was trying to speed up his promotion then? Are you sure it was a mistake on his part? :wink: