The Apprentice: Moose or Goose?



That programme was on telly tonight and Paula got fired. Not a bad looking filly actually, with all that red hair and a decent shape. Does it for me as, long as she doesn't talk too much.

Which Apprentice would you say Moose, or (I'd) Goose, to?$7030257$285.jpg
'Fraid not only she is completely commercially unaware, a reason perhaps why she is currently employed in the public sector, but she has a regional accent - this last trait alone makes her completely unemployable in my book.

Boneable, but only in silence.
Agree that the red head would defo get it but I've got a bit of a thing for the blonde number Kate.
Looks like it is impossible to watch any episodes on YouTube the day after now?!

Bugger! :roll:

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