Alan Sugar said that this years applicants were the best he had to choose from over the three series; in 2007 the 2 final contestants were selected from an original 5000.

If so, we all have a chance of a long and profitable second career.

Am I alone in considering the chinless wonder who won was a complete ARRSE ? A weathervane under pressure, sychophant to both his team and the board, unconvincing leader and project leader with the backbone of a fish.

Alan Sugar may be successful but this twerp will be nothing more than a £100k tea-boy - the publicity gained over 13 weeks will soften the blow. What DO Amstrad make anyway ?

I would have preferred a cat fight or Trey & any cat...........the series died a death through a lack of personalities throughout - Bring back the Badger !
We are in the NAAFI??

OK, would you sleep with the bird in 3rd place? To do this you would have to cheat/dump the wife/partner/girlfriend etc?

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