The Apprentice - Ex Lt Callaghan

Discussion in 'Officers' started by hurryupandwait, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know why the ex-officer currently 'starring' in the Apprentice left as a Lieutenant?

    It's bizarre that he calls himself an 'ex-Lieutenant', trying to con civvies into making out that he has spent years in the Army. Think he is ex-RA. Anyone wish to spill the beans? He certainly isn't a non-grad!
  2. Paul Callaghan
    Age 27
    Career Ex-Army Lieutenant
    Qualifications Bsc Engineering Physics
    Home Town Southampton

    "My lack of commercial experience might be a weakness but my leadership and organisational qualities are definite strengths."

    Graduating from the rigorous Sandhurst Royal Military Academy which encompassed command leadership and management training, he became HR and Resource Manager for the Army and was in charge of recruiting potential officers into the Royal Artillery. He was posted to Iraq as Infantry Commander and spent six months serving in Basra. His time in the military has taught him cool, calm and collected leadership and he has no time for dillydallying. First job was selling jumpers on his parents market stall. A real smooth player his hobbies include sky diving, polo, skiing and yachting and his biggest fear is being eaten by a shark.
  3. So, he's a knob jockey then?
  4. In charge of Army recruiting and an infantry commander to boot.

    Suprised the whole lot hasn't fallen down since his departure.
  5. What is it about these people who go on this programe. They are all slimy arrse kissing little sh*ts.
  6. He was appointed as Adjutant General rather quickly wasn't he? Surely a chap should have a tad more experience before such an appointment.
  7. What a stroker.
  8. It's good entertainment though.

    My money is on the old bitch with bleach blonde hair who reckons she's only 31. Didn't she go to Sandbags too?
  9. Yer man was commissioned in Dec 2002. Gives him 4 years service tops.
  10. and he wants to work for Alan Sugar? :twisted:
  11. Superbly Poor Service :D
  12. I'm going to tell a story here. I find this funny.

    I worked at the Henley Regatta as a 16 yr old. Rory from the apprentice was my manager and he consistently short-changed a friend and me over tips. He was a few years older and also bigger so there wasn't much we could do at the time.

    However, four years later we see the same Rory at Henley. He was now in a more senior management role and very smart looking in his 3 piece suit. My friend and I wandered over to have a word whilst he was undoing a boat on the jetty. We were met with 'boys, boys just get of the jetty'. Very obviously we simply kicked him into the river.

    Brilliant, he emerged soaked to the skin and thoroughly pissed off. Can sound a bit mean but was nice to have some revenge!
  13. Last week when Rory kept saying 'I AM YOUR BOSS, I AM YOUR BOSS!' to that annoying to**er was classic.

    Nothing like reminding people where their place is in life(!)
  14. Surely as a grad, he would have left as a Capt if he managed more than 2.5 years - perhaps he was too busy managing the entire army to waste his time on JOTES.