The Apprentice drinking game

Now I know this program is horrid. But not only do you get to watch some braindead chinless tw@ make an absolute dick of himself you can now liven up things by adding everyones fave ingredient, booze.

A bit like the Whithnail and I game only with a twist. Certain phrases will trigger drinking.

Incorrect use of the word "Literally". ie, "My head literally exploded." Drink.
"Executive decision (spelt correctly)" Drink.
Anytime sombody says somthing over 100%. "I want 150% from you lot." Drink. You can increas the amount depending on how silly thay get. 1000% might kill you though.
When one of them screeches "Can I finnish talking." Drink.

There are all manner of new phrases poping up all the time. So feel free to laugh at this bunch of ego driven fuckwads and have a drink too, what fun.
Like what you've done there, however can i suggest something...

your game, great idea as it is, still involves haveing to actually watch the dross... May i suggest that you watch the program and inform the Arrse community when to imbibe said drinkies.

Go on Bo, fall on your sword for the good and benifit of the NAAFI bar. :wink: :D
I remember a similar version of bullshit bingo comprising Staff College Buzzwords. It calmed our OC down considerably when he knew that we would be playing it during his O Gp...

An OC with a sense of humour is a definite advantage; particularly if you stand up and should "house" just as he moves onto G6!!!

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