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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. Serious posts only please Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to collect the most outrageous; society / foreign policy / its not Islam or Muslim’s it’s us, utterances in the media following the events of the past days.

    Your co-operation would be appreciated
  2. BBC News (as per usual)

    Something along the lines of; "Raids like this can surely only help deepen the mistrust between police and community leaders"

    Well, if said community leaders realised (or cared) that their people were trying to kill several thousand people surely they should be supporting the police all they can? Or perhaps they're getting worried it may come back on them?
  3. Strange how i can't think of one Christian fundamentalist group... are there any? I don't claim to know everything.

    Maybe Islam is the source of the problem.

    Did we suffer from homegrown Islamic fundamentalists before our cities built mosques? I don't think we did.


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  4. Check The Daily Ablution, cracking blog and very good at flagging up such things
  5. Amazing. Why is it that should the police break down the door of someone who lives 2 streets away in your neighborhood you would think that they had arrested them for a reason and quietly thank the police for doing their job. If this happens in certain areas it is viewed as an 'attack' on all of them!!
    The police (IMHO) are in a lose-lose situation trying to appease these people. The minority must never dictate to the vast majority how we should live.
  6. I nominate virtually all of BBC TV and R4 output since 0700 this morning.
  7. I'm f ucking sick off all this lefty, treehugging bollox. If they don't like it here f uck off back to where you came. I'm quite happy for the Government to spend my tax contribution on sending these c unts home.

    Hopefully at a couple thousand feet out the back of a herc, they can trial the the new HANO (High Altitude No Opening) 'chutes.
  8. Heard Dr Naseem, the clown in charge of Birminghamistan Central Mosque on R4 this morning who, when the 7/7/ bombers were (accurately) described by the interviewer as 'British born muslims', said: 'that's just an allegation, there's no proof'.

    Another so-called 'community leader' was interviewed later; he just banged on about how muslims were being demonised by the police when they are arrested on suspicion of terrorism. When will these idiots wake up and understand that the reason muslims are the focus of investigation is because it is muslims that are committing the crimes? Probably never; whilst not outwardly condoning terrorism they seem remarkably keen to make excuses for the terrorists - 'it's the govt's fault for going to Iraq'; 'it's because of discrimination'; etc., etc. ad nauseam.

    Still, perhaps the communities these people claim to lead aren't that big, or they don't really have much influence at all; they don't seem to have had an effect on the muslim drug dealers, or even the shops that sell alcohol and porn all over the country. Too busy claiming they're being picked on, I suppose.
  9. Aha, but in the most recent of modern times (post Thatcher), hasn't it been the norm for the minority to dictate how the majority live and to do so with the blessing of politicians who see pandying to them as a vote winner? Haven't we allowed ourselves to be pushed into this situation by many minority groups not just the Islamists?

    Political correctness is more than just the vehicle to drive forward the wishes of minorities, it is now the mind set we have allowed ourselves to be forced into, as we are afraid to be referred to as Nazis or Facists. First and foremost in just about everything we do, we must consider the needs of the minorities as we delude ourselves into the belief that we are being 'truly represenatative of society'. These people don't want to belong nor to conform to society.

    I don't think that suicide bombers or those who support or excuse them are 'truly representative of society' and we should now stop this 'soul searching' to find out what we have done to make them want to kill us.

    It doesn't matter what has or hasn't been done, the fact is they want to kill us. But that isn't enough for the apologists and politicians. They need to find out what we've done.

    I haven't done anything.
  10. Heard that also. Isnt it about time that the leaders of the Muslim council or whatever stand up and be counted. They should come out publicly and denounce all that is going on and that they will support the police, instead of trying to blame the everyone else on why they are targeted.
  11. Maybye I've been asleep, but I haven't heard a single Muslim rep "of signifcance" come on air and condem what these scum were planning.
  12. They won't stand up and be counted. They won't stand up against each other and that is more than apparant. The usual smoke screen about being singled out is always the first card to be shown. They go on about 'moderates', but if it ever escalates, there won't be any 'moderates'.
    They want to have their cake and eat it and our politicians and media will constantly look for ways to allow them to do so.
  13. According to a rumour i heard in Saudi the authorities there have already tried that over the empty quarter.
  14. Perfectly put.
  15. "Strange how i can't think of one Christian fundamentalist group... are there any? I don't claim to know everything."

    There are a few in America, not least those loons who protest at the funerals of soldiers claiming that god is killing soldiers to punish America for being tolerant towards Gays. Name escapes me.