The anti Walt thread!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by randomgary, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. well after it was suggested earlier this week i found the perfect news article to start it off

    "A Second World War hero injured saving a comrade has received his war medals – but only after convincing the army he is still alive.

    Edward Jones, 92, was serving as a platoon sergeant when he was injured saving his corporal shortly after taking part in the D-Day landings in 1944.

    But army records stated that Mr Jones, who suffered shrapnel injuries to his leg and was shot in the arm, had been killed.

    When Edward applied for his medals earlier this year, his wife Jean to receive a letter asking for a copy of 'the late Mr Jones' death certificate'......."

    War hero gets medals after proving he wasn
  2. Brilliant.
  3. so does he have a war grave then?
  4. He needs to be in search for a ally star thread.
  5. Any news of Corporal Shortly?
  6. ... no change there then :roll:
  7. **** that must be wierd knowing he's had a grave dug for him for the last 66 years.
  8. Well, if there's one already dug, that should save him a few bob. Bargain. I bet he makes for an interesting pub conversation: 'I was killed in the war you know!'
  9. there was a forum member who met a man who claimed he had his head blown off in a tank!!!!!!
  10. Sod the gongs, think of how much his Mrs ought to have fiddled in war widow's pension.
  11. i think its supurb too that he has been attending remembrance services for many years and hes never felt the need to don his medals

    thats a man thats truely there to remember his fallen friends! i hope he wears them with pride this year and every kiddy asks him how he was awarded them
  12. Well, it's not that superb, I mean technically the fallen included himself on account of him being dead all these years, so there was a bit of a selfish element to it, amirite?
  13. His tax position must be quite interesting. If I were him I'd put in for a rebate.
  14. I just love the way these old boys play down everything.

    So getting blown up by a mine, is just getting into difficulty! :shock: