The Anti Mornington Crescent thread

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Randy_McNob, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. Just a thought here chaps.

    I thought this was supposed to be a site for Army related topics?

    So whats the big idea with the 'Mornington Crescent' thread?

    As a show on Radio 4 it made very little sense, on an Army internet forum it makes even less.

    For those who aren't familiar with the rules it seems to involve rambling on about nothing *waits for people to say 'Just like you do McNob' etc etc* before typing in some random London Underground station.

    However my posts have all been Army related.

    I think.


    Please move the Mornington Crescent thread to the arrsehole or whatever its called.

    Thank you.
  2. If you feel strongly why not PM a moderator?

    Instead of complaining about a shit thread with another shit thread.

    Two shit threads don't make a good thread..............
  3. I assume this means we should have the bogus station as 'Kennington', as it's the opposite to Mornington Crescent?

    Or would this thread be for Northern stations like Manchester Light Railway? :? 8O

  4. Or perhaps because you fell foul of the Zoo (Escape) clause mentioned in paragraph 4, sub section 604, Appendix 2 of "The Little Book of Mornington Crescent (2001; ISBN 0-7528-1864-3)"when posting your last entry (Linky) and was summarily found to be in contempt that you want to go and cry to matron.
  5. Actually old boy I think that is a valid move as he quoted 'a large bear', but refrained from describing what sort. Your rule would only apply if it were a polar bear as it would cause some concern for the 49th West Riding chaps.

    I remain, &c.

  6. Maybe you'd rather us play a version of the game which doesn't involve the Underground? (Heaven Forbid!!!) Rather a brash move, as Mornington Crescent hasn't been played this way since it's inception.

    Edited to add; And how is MC NOT military related? The mind truly boggles sometimes....
  7. my bold

    Then by use of the Ware-Armitage and Shanks manoeuvre, I give you "Regents Park"
  8. Now now, if the child doesn't like MC let's not force it upon him. At least, not with a move as deliberately provocative as that one. Try Covent Garden instead.

  9. Egad!!! An inspirational move!
  10. I've just realised, the Mornington Crescent thread is in the wrong part of the forum really, it should be in the NAAFI, not Intelligence. That's all that's wrong with it, as far as being on the forum as such - yes it should be, it's a laugh.

    Also, the wrong rule set is in play, surely it should be the British Army ruleset, not the TFL Underground set.
  11. ok, osnabruck

  12. Well In that case I call Aldershot
  13. According to the Anti Mornington Crescent Rulebook, first written on 20th/12th/2008 by a Mr D.C. B.A. Esq, the player is allowed to implement the use of Network Rail stations outside London whilst under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol. Naturally this is only available for use on weekends prior to Christmas, whereby a large amount of commuters remain highly intoxicated, hand out free beer to other passengers on the train, chat inane drivel about work parties & generally end up stuck at mysterious destinations previously unknown to them.

    Due to my own experience I give you:

    Farningham Road.

  14. DC is more concerned with self abuse and is wrong in saying that the Zoo escape clause may be used. This gambit should be the "Zoo Escape Claws" and was the 1847 amendment of the rules by German player Lotte Bumzundtitz.

    Covent Garden? and I raise you Mud Chute
  15. Birmingham New Street
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