The Anti-Corruption Group

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Here is an amazing fact. The Budget for the Met Police Anti-Corruption squad in 1999/2000 was £11.5 million!!!.

    It has a staff of 180 police officers and 32 civilian support staff. Please dont tell me corruption is that rife in the Met that it warrants a budget that could build a much needed Hospital!.
  2. Information noted but does it still warrant a budget of £11.5 million in tax-payers money!
  3. It's possibly just a cocks-shy estimate for the first year. The website does say that it hopes to reduce this as the influence of their work becomes apparent. The fixed costs such as salaries and costs of establishing and running an office are likely to be high.
    What did come across fromn the site was a welcome absence of management speak and doctrinal aspirations (there, I'm doing it now!) What I meant was not too much bullshit
  4. come on, wages alone takes a massive chunk of that. 212 personnel x (let's say the average salary) £25,000 = £5.3million. and i suspect with overtime etc and the wages of some of those police officers, the actual wages bill is far higher.
  5. It's the fraction of the cost of an Apache that doesn't actually fly.
  6. With all that illegal phone tapping by senior officers, I shudder to think what the 2006 / 2007 budget is going to look like!
  7. Ive passed Middle Wallop many times and seen the Apache buzzing around???