The Answer to Antisocial Behaviour in our Blighted land.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JINGO, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

  2. And they were only for no TV licence :eek:
  3. Bit like Auschwitz must have been
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Can't say I approve. Reflects well on Russian society, doesn't it?

    Hey Sergey! Your comment on this foulness?
  5. Couldn't get it to load, ?

    Anyway, simple answer, prison should be really hard, constant work, good, healthy plain food, sleeping by shifts (hot bunk system), tobacco only available by ration. No cash rewards, no opportunities to make any purchase. No TV. No games machines, No "personal" Ipod etc. permitted. Ordinary FM radio allowed for good behaviour.

    Education opportunities to be available for short and medium sentence offenders.
    Unlimited access to libraries of educational and improving books.
    Rehabilitation through work to be mandatory for short and medium term offenders. Non-cooperation to be punished by hard regime/solitary confinement etc.

    Life sentences to mean life imprisonment without parole until death. No social or rehabilitation opportunities to be provided. Hard labour and hard conditions to be mandatory for all those fit to work. Isolation for those physically unfit. The Life sentence to be a "living death".

    It would be a small step towards prison reform.
  6. Saw a programme on British prisons not working. showed a Danish prison system that had recidivism well below that of British prisons.

    Mixed prison, doors not locked unless the prisoner wanted it, lots of optional extras and the wall was a sunken one allowing a degree of normality.

    Going on to life means life. Many US prisons now have a real problem with ancient lifers that need nursing care due to strokes, senility, alzheimers etc

  7. Is that what you suggest in our prisons, sven?

    As for lifers needing medical care. Why dont they train a few cons as medics and let them treat them? Cant say that would be against their human rights. Win, win situation.
  8. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes but the Danish are well........Danish. also they have not had 10 years of social medling by Liebour,Blier,his witch and her cronies and the last clown Broon.
    We have a different set of problems, lets face it if we had european "values" then Bliers much vaunted cafe culture would have replaced our own binge drinking culture. which quite clearly it hasnt.
  9. It is difficult to compare transnational recidivism rates.

    One must remember that prision exists not purely to rehabilitate. It is also there as a general and individual deterrence, for the protection of society and some say, for retributive purposes.

    All too often, it is assumed that the latter reasons are no longer important.

    If one wants to get a sensible solution to running prisons, then the dialogue must not be skewed to the Liberal viewpoint.

    IMO, of the 4 main reasons to jail someone, we know that prisons can be used to protect society - if he is in jail, he isn't bothering anyone. For that reason alone, prison sentences must stay.

    Rehab is important too and I think the harsh regime outlined above will do wonders in terms of rehabilitation.

    Where deterrence is concerned, again, the dialogue is skewed by bad research. Some people even try to say that deterrence doesn't work because many prisoners say that they weren't thinking when they committed the crime. Of course, no one knows if they were thinking about the consequences when they decided not to commit a crime.
  10. Oh, another point. All life sentence prisoner's cells to be provided with a roof mounted strong point and a length of stout rope for the use of those who no longer wish to be a financial burden upon the rest of us.
  11. I despise these Howard League type, "prison doesn't work" types who expend massive amounts of money and time on trying to make prisons like butlins and keeping scrotes out of them.

    Though TV licence and council tax non payers really should'nt be there but if they refuse to pay or to do any community punishment what else can you do?

    I particularly hate their stance on "people who go to prison are likely to re-offend"

    Yeah it's because they're fecking criminals. They, by and large, have to commit dozens of offences before seeing the inside of a prison.

    At least when they're in there they're not committing crime.

    Rant over.
  12. Surely the idea of incarceration is to deprive the person of their liberty, which includes their liberty to enjoy everything but the basics of food, shelter and medical support?

    Just watched that video of a man getting 12 lashes for sexually assaulting a 12 year old. Whilst I can't agree with capital punishment, I can't say I disagree with coporal punishment. That bloke isn't going to be able to sit for a very long time, let alone forget why he was punished.

    A lot cheaper than sentencing him to a year in prison over here, far more effective and a far better deterrent.
  13. Good plan, just turns flabby felons into hardened criminals. Better if we just feed them junk food and fags till they die of obeseity or lung cancer. :lol:
  14. Not sure if you are referring to the one in my signature but about short, sharp, shock! 8O

    I think it is more about simply depriving them of their liberty and privileges. I think that when the state imprisons someone at great public expense, the state should at least try to make the most of the imprisonment, for both the criminal and the public.

    I think one of the most important skills to be imparted to criminals is that one can live quite happily on the bare necessities of life, that it is possible to wake up at 0530 everyday, work for 10 hours a day, accept some level of state authority, not take drugs/cigarettes/alcohol and still be able to relax, socialize and take care of admin - in short be a productive member of society. That is an important life skill that all these "prison is only for rehab" liberals seem to overlook.

    The sayings "teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for life" and "spare the rod, spoil the child" may be cliched and unfashionable but they are nevertheless spot on, at least in principle.

    To let prisoners live a life of slothfulness in prison is to fail prisoners and the tax payers paying for their stay in prison.

    The problem I suspect lies in academic discourse that is skewed to the liberal viewpoint, and more importantly money. You will need a lot of prison officers to properly supervise all these prisoners in their new harsh regime. With the country at the state it is in, I do not think prison reform is at the top of anybody's agenda.
  15. It was indeed that link contained within your sig that impresed me so much.

    I'm not sure that the costs of prison reform would necessarily be that great if proper account were taken of the golden oportunity to break habitual drug users of their dependencies, use prisoners to perform certain forms of labour consistent to their abilities as part of a meaningful contribution to the society to which they hope to return and, of course, to discourage reoffending.