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had this pic pm'ed to me the other day, new one to me. The Trapote M1913 7mm, only gets 4 hits on google and i dont speak spanish.

gas op, cant notice a regulator, anemic looking bipod, cant notice any quick change bbl, cant notice any type of belt-feed mech so guessing box and catch on other side, must be the cocking handle hanging down to catch the knee there, unless its been bent to fit in the display box, and where its attached could be the bottom of the working parts, the butt-receiver/trigger unit looks a nightmare of fitting, got some nice looking lightning cuts on the reciever and infront the bulge out the side can only be for locking surfaces for the bolt, cammed lever/tilting block or for turn bolt...... dunno.......

seems a very interesting thing considering the year of being typed is 1913 and nothing wrong with 7mm, why didnt the design take off?
missed out compeditor to the BAR or another sick dog Chauchat?

anyone with any info????????



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Only thing I found on one of those Spanish links was a reference to it being the Trapote M1933 and that it was manufactured in Oviedo. Searching M1933 comes up with even less though.


Well Spain under Franco re chanbered/rebarreled all its rifles from 7 x 57 to 8x57 or 7.92mm (the German round) at the end of the civil war. That may have had something to do with it. The spics then stayed out of real warfighting barring some volunteers who served on the Ostfront for the Hermans.

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