The Annual Richmond Debacle.

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by The_Snail, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. I'm sure I posted this weeks ago, but hey ho.

    OK, 6th August (as ever). Chez Slug. I'm not having a BBQ either. Well - not on my birthday.

    This year I have organised some ace transport to get us to the restaurant, so if you don't like Fire Engines or Italian food, look away now.

    I need numbers by Sunday so I know how many Firemen/Engines and seats at the Italian to book.

    First come first served on the Snuggles room (but he's in a tent in the back garden after being chopsie in chat earlier).

    Boots, KP and Maka went to the Italian scoff place with me last year and - trust me - it's mint. £144 for 3 courses each and 3 bottles of wine and coffees too. Not a bad deal.

    No *********, no shithouses, no-one scared of cleaning my vomit up, no ******* moaning bastards, no cheesers, not too keen on non-smokers, dogs are welcome, posh frocks and party pants are required (I've got a new dress!).:)

    Ice-cream and balloons will be provided, as will the transport there. If you want to get twatted in Richmond (the real one oop North) afterwards - fine - I'll give you a little tag to wear around your neck with my address on so you can cab it back.

    Names by Sunday night please. Oh, and a nice present...........
  2. They will end up in the fleece and the town hall, The poor little tykes!!.
  3. Well they won't be going anywhere near the Swale Arms/Harry's/Bar 28. Currently being converted into a Dominoes Pizza.
  4. Not that much of a loss then!!, Would rather go down white shops to JT's and the Maggot/Hunters.
  5. If any of the attendees should refer to a Green Goddess, please make it clear that you're referring to the Fire Engine. Otherwise Sluggy will start a poll asking which compliment most suits her.
  6. For those of you that would like a preview of the slug in a dress

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  7. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Bah! Banished from the room named after me for being "chopsie". What really happened was she rang me and informed me I'd be sleeping in the gazeebo with her usual cackle. Sod it then. No carrots for the dog from me.
  8. I'll book a table shall I?

    Dolly +1
    Mackeroonie +1
    Maka (obviously)
    MiT and Mem Sahib
    Toppers and Mrs Toppers +2

    2 x mad wimmin, and me.

    If I get a table outside, we can bring all the hounds too.

    Tents and floor space are available.

    If you don't turn up to my birthday party, I will kick you when we go to Wakey.
  9. Out of the Country or I would be there, don't let the side down,
    get totally blathered and abuse everyone who looks like a Civvy
    and leave the Dogs alone, oi loiks Dogs.
    Is it a nice Gazeebo? wiv heating an' stuff?
  10. The generated heat of Trans frapping over the thoughts of Barberella and the time he spent snuggling up to the big J is more than likely to set my garden on fire. Trans Sane - ARRSEpedia

    Oh, and once again - that Gazebo is not going to put itself up. It's a new one this time.
  11. How facking much for dinner???

    I'll send Mrs Mac in for scoff while I empty a Ginsters wagon outside
  12. Don't come then, you tight ****.

    Oh, and the Spit Roast van is closed on a night time.
  13. OI, we is posh, up North, it doesn't sound like 'Fish n Chips wi' bits on'
    Mmm.... Tight arse!!!!!
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  14. Spit roast van? Blimey we have moved on, we've only just been talking about a rape van.
  15. We have inside toilets as well now.

    That teckernologee ey?