The Angel of the North

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vinniethemanxcat, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. I drive past this rusty piece of shit on a regular basis, the only decent view is when it shows it's arse on the way south.....

    If I won the Euro- millions, I would make discreet enquiries on here, for a team to place shaped charges to blow the fucking thing off at it's knees.

    I've hated it since the idea was first mooted, and I hate it even more now..... Gormley is a 24 ct, ocean- going, A1 at Lloyds, twat.

    Thought of the night.......

    Fucking cold.... I think it's hot toddies tonight.
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  2. You think that is bad. You should see the 'penis-head' they have over the NW!
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  3. Agreed. It's a fucking eyesore.
  4. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Nonsense. Heading North on the East Coast line, it's the first landmark that informs you that you're nearly out of f*cking England.
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  5. Yup, It looks like a badly pilotted glider accident.

    It had such potential too, all it needed was wings that actually resemble wings.
    It just goes to show how bad it really is, even Geordie Pikeys are too embarrassed to have that thing hanging on the back of the Transit.
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  6. It's the FEBA, to replulse the jocks!
  7. Wtf does it mean?

    Did a bunch of Geordies see a vision of an angel over Wembley at the 1918 cup final against Accrington fucking Stanley, and have a kick- about on the centre line?

    No, it is a meaningless piece of shite, and if those corrupt wankers on Gateshead Council, with feelings of inferiority over Newcastle hadn't been suckered by Gormley's bullshit, it would have been laughed away.
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  8. i have always wanted to weld a giant set of knackers and a 12 foot cock on it!
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  9. Well that's a relief. I thought it was shite, but had assumed that that was because it was art and I'm a philistine.
    I prefer Banksy's efforts on the subject; that would be worth seeing if it were 60 feet high.

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  10. I thought this was a thread about The Iron Duke.
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  11. HHH

    HHH LE

    Well you can have the balls from Belfast !

  12. Isn't she over dressed though? And angel or not for a chav, where is the burberry and hoop ear-rings?
  13. Believe me it is NOT worse than this Rusty Pile of Shit sitting out in front of the Toronto Convention Center.

    Sadly, the tax payer paid $375,000 for this load of bollox

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  14. Would you prefer a massive pointless balloon? birds eye view | Devon CAM Regularly updated pictures of Devon
    Not one of Torquay Mayor's better ideas. Sadly, or not, since January, it is no more. And Night Clubbers and chavs deny talking in silly squeaky voices all weekend when around £30,000 worth of helium was lost from the huge white balloon .They claim nature settled the eyesore with a big nasty storm.
  15. Is that an ad for Air Quantas, Marlboro's Extra Long, Fosters Lager, or Goldsmith's Jewellers - or a warning about STD's?