The Andover Slasher & Bumbling Coppers

(Apologies to all of those who think this may be a thread about killing all of the mucky skippers in "Flicks/Life")

I woke up this morning to find that my car tyres had been slashed for the third time in two months and obviously I am more than a little bit annoyed right now.
The first time I just thought it was kids having a bit of a laugh at someone else's expense so didnt take it too personal that the feds did nowt about it as lets face it what could they do?.

The second time I realised that I wasn''t and that it may be a bit of a vendetta (I have a cr@ppy 307 which parks by BMW's Audi's etc). I then found out that a neighbour has had his car targeted 9 times and on the night mine was done his was also. Now the Feds were interested in his and set up a CCTV camera by his car. It was about 6 foot away and you can see the bloke bold as brass coming up to the car and doing it over. He even looks straight at the camera. Now, one of the funny things is the police get the footage and return it saying that the quality isnt good enough to make an ID. FFS!! Its 6 foot away from him, why did they bother?

So when I report mine the next day, the local beat cop knows nothing about the previous incidents or the fact that there has been a video installed. She comes round, borrows the tape off me and promises to return it to me the next day. 2 days later I get a call at 1030 pm asking if they can come around. I tell them to poke it as Im in bed and they tell me not to worry they will come around again some other time and that was the last I've heard from them. So, my question to fellow arrsers (and police arrsers in particular) is: have my local bobbies let me down or am I being unreasonable thinking that they should do something to stop this happening?

Also, I've been seeing a fed for a while now and I spoke to one of her pals this morning (mine's in China!) and she thinks I should report it as a hate crime as its only started to happen since Ive been seeing her. Will I get any more out of this? My neighbour is Italian and I am of the dark hair (whats left of it!) and skin persuasion so maybe a two for one bit of rasicism thrown in too.

Advice would be most welcome ( sensible advice! Trust me I have thought about setting up an OP aand catching the cnut but I balance the fact off that he has a knife on him)

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to buy (or borrow) a large protective dog that has its basket under the car. See if a mauled miscreant dares complain - how would they excuse being where they were?