The Ancient Order of "Purple Helmets"

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. [align=center]*****ATTENTION*****

    The 'Ancient Order of Purple Helmets'

    Challenge Coin

    (Limited Edition - not many left!)


    As the "Purple Helmets" were, and maybe 'still are'! a relatively exclusive (many consider 'secret') Underground

    Ancient Order operating covertly within the hallowed ranks of 33 Regt (EOD), it was decided to commission, design and produce a Limited Edition of 200 Only,

    the idea being that these coins would only ever be available to any "Helmets" (you know who you are).

    There are very few of these Unusual and rare "Challenge" Coins available for a Limited time only, once the remainder are sold they will never again be available!

    Any former or active member of this exclusive or 'elusive'! (they weren't liked by the grownups within the Regiment!!!) 'Order' who would like to purchase one of these "Challenge" Coins can do so by visiting the following page and ordering through the E-Mail Address provided:

    The Ancient Order Challenge Coin

    Brief History of the Purple Helmets
  2. [align=center]The Coins are going fast, they haven't been advertised for over 3 years so they are expected to go quickly, if you are a former or active Member of the Underground Order can you let others who may not be online know about the last few coins...

    For any Sappers who know little or nothing about the Ancient Order, read the short History below, hilarious at times but also very moving...

    Brief History of the 'Ancient Order' of Purple Helmets
  3. got any left, just woke up from dreams of narnia and needed some proof.ok 49 were a diferrent time , however
  4. Yes there are several left, simply follow the Links in the original message and you will find the E-Mail Address to enquire about the coins.