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The ANC - what is actually happening. Good article.

Didn't take him long to show his true colours. Obviously the ANC arseclowns learned nothing of value from Mugabe's efforts to destroy Zimbabwe. Chasing the populist vote instead of using the opportunity to fix the country just shows he's either as dumb as a sack of rocks or dishonest as fuck like the rest of the regime.

Ramaphosa: We're going ahead with land expropriation without compensation

Ramaphosa says expropriation of land without compensation will become SA reality | IOL Business Report
"...expropriation without compensation should be implemented in a way that increases agricultural production, improves food security..."

Interesting. I wonder how this 'way' he refers to will work. I think he's been listening to Jeremy's speeches.
Yup. Ol' Jake came in amid a huge fanfare and supporters claiming he was the Messiah and would fix everything.

We all know how that went...
Heard Mosiu Lekota talk on 702/564 on the way back from Makro, the man was actually talking sense, quoting history that JvR got the land from the Khoi and the wars started much later.
Just finished Fortunes of Africa by Martin Meredith, the only thing this lot have not reverted to is raiding their neighbours for slaves.
Yesterday heard Juju ask what would RSA be like without whites? He must be excreting seriously about also getting three years living with his friends in jail.
Yup, and not a peep out of the hate speech mob who go to pieces if a white woman, driven to distraction by the fuckwittery, disinterest and ineptitude of the cops right after she's been robbed, goes off the deep end.
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Yesterday heard Juju ask what would RSA be like without whites? He must be excreting seriously about also getting three years living with his friends in jail.
It would not exist, well according to a chap I knew at uni. He was an ex-Navy officer type doing an MA in international something or other and as he had connections in RSA he did his dissertation based around the place.

You only ever half listen to someone twaddling on about their research as you have enough problems with your own. I remember something about if the East India Trading Company had not set up on the piece of dirt that is now Cape Town and built their trading post/fortification/way station - The Castle of Good Hope - that the blacks only moved there to get work and trade. And it all grew out of that - if the East India Company had never set up its post then it would never have happened as it has. Consequences.

What would it look like: Remember Palin's TV proggie about Africa there was an episode where he crossed into RSA on a train. It was like a line was drawn in the sand: One moment he was in the semi-arid, desert like bush and the next moment he had crossed over into lush, well tended farmland.
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There are several "traditional" village tourist traps around the country. Juju and his ilk need to visit them to see how life was then without the infrastructure built by whites.
Meh. Just needs to broaden his horizons and get out into the rest of Africa to see what a success it is. That applies to most ANC supporters. They'd shit a brick if they were made to live the reality that applies to those inhabiting the peoples' paradises of their imagination.

Even in the bad old days, illegals crossed into SA in their thousands in order to be oppressed, finding it preferable to their own little slice of heaven.

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