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The ANA have been let loose with M16s

Watching Ross Kemp now, assume they've issued M16s to the ANA. When we did OMLT in 2007, the rumour amongst us grunts was they point blank refused to be issued by their American logistics people with M16s and an Afghan officer told me his troops would mutiny if they took away their beloved AKs!

Anyone done OMLT recently know how they managed to persuade our old compadres to accept them?
Started happening last year.

How they responded?

Well after the General gave a speach as to how crap the US weapons were versus the AK you can probably imagine.

"They don't shoot straight, get stoppages, bitch, moan gripe, etc"
See they still like to adorn their rifles with all kinds of weird and wonderful. Remember seeing a bloke with a huge brass door knob gaffa-taped to the cocking handle of his AK...

Would that be General Mihayadin? Absolute nutcase.
OK, a little bit of local afgoon info.

NO-one there wants to change from the AK47 and its ammo.

A general/local mayor/gobment appointee buys the AK47 weapons and ammo for the local ANA, ANP. He buys 2000 guns @ $50 and sells to the local ANA/ANP/TALIBAN AK47 @ $55. Thats how afgoonistan functions.

Trying to cut out the "middle man" by insisting the ANA/ANP use M16's is simply as stupid as expecting President Obama to ask Osama Bin Laden to peace talks.

Although now that the American protection for Osama Bin Looden also doubles as secretary for estates MS Clinton anything is possible.
The canadians also provided at least 2,500 C-7s and a few million rounds of 5,56 in 2007 IIRC and the Commando Kandaks were provided with M-4/M-203s. In Sept.2008, in its volume 45 issue 36, JDW had an article son the "mixed reviews" of the ANA on the M-16 range of weapons.
did OMLT on herrick 6, its not just M16 they are getting it was rumoured that they were going to get yank arty as well. with the D30 having no accuracy what so ever. The M16 thing i heard was something to do with PID the ANA on the ground as seeing a bloke run around with an AK has caused a bit of confusion and a bit of incoming ( as i can testify). But who cares the average ANA cant shoot any way, perhaps a hand held GMLRS would be better

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